RV Camping in Van Buren State Park: Tips & Things To Do

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Comprising 400 acres across Lake Michigan, Van Buren State Park is the perfect destination for RV travelers seeking a multi-day waterfront adventure. Established in 1965, visitors can explore forested dunes, billowy beachgrass, dense woodlands, and sandy white beach fronts.

Plus, the summer temperatures make it an ideal destination for travelers hoping to soak up the sun. If this sounds intriguing, keep reading this guide. We will cover everything you need to know about Van Buren State Park so you can immerse yourself in the Great Lakes State. 

Best RV Campgrounds Near Van Buren State Park

Fortunately, Van Buren County is home to several high-quality campgrounds that can accommodate your overnight needs. Here is a sample of the ones you can check out:

Van Buren State Park Campground

If you’re looking for an on-site selection, Van Buren State Park Campground is your go-to option. Located within walking distance of Lake Michigan, this campground has 220 sites (electrical hookups), modern restrooms with showers, a playground, and an RV dump station. Some campsites are paved. While pets are allowed, they must remain supervised. 

Keep in mind that this campground operates between April 1st and December 1st. Plus, some campsites are only available on a first-come, first-served basis

Kal-Haven Outpost

Kal-Haven Outpost has everything you need for a splendid camping experience. The campground offers family cabins, primitive tent sites, and full hookup sites. Plus, South Haven is only 10 minutes away. The RV sites have sewer connections, fire rings, picnic tables, and 30/50 amp power. Remember, only eight people are allowed in one RV site.

Dune Lake Campground

If you are in the mood for peaceful nights, sandy beaches, and nature trails, look no further than Dune Lake Campground. On top of these features, this campground has a security gate that requires a gate pass for entry. You can reserve electric campsites (20 or 30 amp power). Alternatively, you can reserve a rustic cabin. 

Best Time To Visit Van Buren State Park 

If you’re hoping for mild temperatures and subtle breezes, summer is the best time to visit Van Buren State Park. However, crispy, autumn weather might be your cup of tea. Let’s take a look at the yearly climate in Van Buren County.


Unless you want to spend your trip curled up by a fire, trying to keep yourself warm, a winter visit is not an ideal decision. The average high temperature in January reaches 32 degrees Fahrenheit, with overnight lows dropping to 17 degrees. Even in March, you can expect freezing conditions throughout the month. Expect anywhere between seven and 26 inches of snow during this period.


While daytime temperatures hover above freezing conditions, spring remains a chilly period in the Van Buren County area. The average high in April hovers around 58 degrees Fahrenheit, with overnight lows dropping to 36 degrees. While snow is nonexistent during this period, it is still too cold to take a dip at Lake Michigan. That said, spring remains the driest season in this region. 


Why is summer the best time to visit Van Buren State Park? Pleasant afternoon weather, active wildlife, and water-based activities are some compelling arguments. In July, the average high reaches 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Overnight lows drop to 60 degrees. The one downside to a summer visit is that you’ll be dealing with large crowds. 


The autumn season brings crisp weather, vibrant natural colors, and refreshing air. Keep in mind that fall is the wettest season in the Van Buren area, with 28 percent of the precipitation occurring during this season. When the skies are clear, explore the trails for an afternoon hike. 

Activities at Van Buren State Park

How do you want to spend your time at Van Buren State Park? Consider the following activities as starting points.

  • Swimming: It is no surprise that the main attraction at this park is Lake Michigan. The seasonally warm waters make it suitable for a beach-like adventure. Stick to the buoyed-off section of the lake when swimming.
  • Hiking: For an active afternoon, hike the 14-mile Van Buren State Park Trail that passes through the park and South Haven. You can also explore unpaved trails with more difficult terrain. 
  • Metal detecting: Who doesn’t love treasure hunting in the form of metal detecting? Lucky for you, the park allows metal detectors in designated areas, so as long as you get permission first.
  • Snowmobiling: Enjoy the sensation of a crowdless park and peaceful forests with snowmobiling. The Kal-Haven Trail is a good starting point for this activity.

Travel Peacefully With Cruise America

Van Buren State Park, Michigan, is a destination that captivates visitors with its sandy beaches, active wildlife, and pleasant summer weather. If you are ready to embark on your journey, Cruise America can get you started. With their wide selection of RV rentals, you won’t have to worry about pitching a tent or finding a nearby resort with home-style amenities. 

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