Planning a Washington National Parks Road Trip

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A passion for the great outdoors? Check! An amazingly comfortable RV rental from Cruise America? Got it! An unforgettable Washington National Parks road trip jam-packed full of adventure? We’ve got your back on that one.

There is so much to explore as your journey through the Evergreen State! Take in the glory of the mountainous countryside, and hike through dense rainforests when visiting Washington’s spectacular national parks. 

Itching to hit the road and see Washington state for yourself? Check out this Washington National Parks road trip guide before you go to make the most out of your trip!

Plan a Sublime Washington National Parks Road Trip


Mount Rainier National Park

m-h-51uJBbv4LWM-unsplash-(1).jpgPhoto credit:  m h on Unsplash

The first stop on our Washington National Parks road trip is Mount Rainier National Park. Every season is Rainier season at Mount Rainier National Park! 

As the name of the park suggests, this park is the home of Washington’s highest peak, Mount Rainier. You might be surprised to learn that Mount Rainier is actually a stratovolcano

This gorgeous Washington National Park is open for you to explore all-year-round! While Mount Rainier National Park is quite popular in late spring, there’s a good reason. When visiting in the spring, you’re in for the mesmerizing sight of blooming wildflowers. Plus, you can go for a cozy bike ride in the park’s cooler spring and summer temperatures at 80 degrees.

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North Cascades National Park

nate-foong-6KcU8x1JCgo-unsplash-(1).jpgPhoto credit: Instagram user Nate Foong on Unsplash

The next stop on our Washington National Parks road trip is the impressive North Cascades National Park. This park’s three regions make up the North Cascades National Park Complex. These regions include Lake Chelan National Recreation Area, North Cascades National Park and Ross Lake National Recreation Area.

First things first: if you plan on staying at North Cascades overnight, make sure you have a backcountry permit! The park requires this to keep track of visitors to prevent overcrowding. 

There are tons of awesome things to check out at North Cascades throughout the year. Winter in North Cascades is the prime eagle-watching season. Additionally, you can celebrate the park’s unique eagle species at North Cascade’s Skagit Eagle Festival

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Olympic National Park

stephen-kraakmo-Ie1pvVyFrgs-unsplash-(1).jpgPhoto credit: Stephen Kraakmo on Unsplash

Last but not least, on our road trip through Washington is the breathtaking landscape of Olympic National Park. From beaches to forests and lakes, Olympic National Park captures the natural allure of the Pacific Northwest. 

Stretch your legs on the coast by exploring this park’s 73 miles of coastline. If you’re up for some fishing at Lake Crescent or Lake Quinault. Plus, some RV campgrounds even let you fish in their nearby rivers! 

Thanks to the diverse landscape and climate at Olympic National Park, you can mix and match your itinerary! For example, springtime visitors can enjoy cool temperatures in the low 50s. This allows you to take comfortable strolls through the Hoh Rainforest and thrilling snowboarding trips down Hurricane Ridge. What’s not to love?
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