The Most Captivating Waterfalls in Arizona


Imagine Arizona’s landscape for a moment. It conjures up a certain image, doesn’t it? 

Expansive deserts. Towering bluffs. Cacti. The Grand Canyon and its brilliant red rocks. These are just a few of the staples that make up this great state. Each one a wonder in their own right.

But, hidden in some unlikely places, you’ll find a surprising alternative to Arizona’s dry desert image. Think a lush, water-filled reprieve –– a true oasis existing in the face of the oppressive landscape that demands otherwise. 

We’re talking about waterfalls of course! In this article, you’ll learn all the must-see waterfalls in Arizona, tips to enjoy them, and nearby places to park your RV. 

4 Best Waterfalls in Arizona

We’ve curated our list below to make planning your next RV adventure a breeze. Visit your favorite one, or try to see all of the best waterfalls in Arizona!

1. Cibecue Falls

Fast Facts:

  • 3-mile trail ending in scenic falls
  • Moderate hike, scramble over boulders, wade across a river
  • Usually very quiet

Cibecue Falls is a gorgeous destination that takes a bit of endurance to get to. A 1.5-mile trail connects to the falls. That’ll be your route in and out, totaling 3 miles. 

Although 3 miles may not sound like much, the trail zigs, zags, and even crosses a river 9 times. The distance feels a lot longer, so you might want to arrive early. And pack water shoes or durable hiking boots while you’re at it.

If you bring a dog, make sure their paws are protected. There are several rough patches that could blister your furbaby’s paw pads.

But rest assured, mustering up all your strength and bravery for the trip is generously rewarded. Once you arrive at Cibecue Falls, you’re treated to one of the best hidden waterfalls in Arizona –– shimmering, blue-green water flowing into a naturally-formed canyon.

Nearby RV Campgrounds:

2. Havasu Falls & Navajo Falls

Fast Facts:

  • 3 cascading falls (Havasu, Little Navajo, and Big Navajo) in Supai, AZ
  • Very demanding hiking to get to camp and the falls
  • Lush, green oasis, and a first-hand look at a secluded Native American community

The Navajo Falls are the best choice for an off-the-beaten-path, once-in-a-lifetime adventure. These three falls are all centered around the Havasupai Indian reservation. It’s one of the most secluded communities in the U.S. (one of the last where USPS delivers mail by mules).

Getting to Supai Village and the Havasupai’s campgrounds isn’t easy. You’ll need to plan months in advance, buy one of the limited hiking permits to explore, and walk to Supai (which is inaccessible by car), among other things.

But, the trip is well worth it. 

These incredible, cascading waterfalls are some of the most beautiful in Arizona. You’ll be transported to an oasis at the bottom of the Grand Canyon that few eyes will ever see. Enjoy your time with great pride in knowing you were bold enough to take the journey. 

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3. Beaver Falls

Fast Facts:

  • Long hike to a Garden of Eden in the desert
  • Mix of turquoise water, greenery, and towering limestone cliffs
  • Part of the Havasu Creek Falls in Supai

If you’re making the long trek to Supai Village, you’ll want to add Beaver Falls to your itinerary for the hike alone. The trail to the falls is the perfect blend of desert geography, vibrant greenery, and brilliant turquoise waters.

The hike down from Havasu campground is long and steep in parts. You’ll also be crossing the river several times so bring sturdy shoes. After about 12 miles of hiking, you’ll arrive at the falls –– a sprawling vista of clear water, tall cliffs, and overhanging trees.

Beaver Falls is a haven of turquoise pools over limestone. Even in the high season, there is so much space you can take a much needed rest in solitude. Take your time and enjoy the refreshing aspects of this gorgeous destination before you hit the trail back home.

Nearby RV Campgrounds:

4. Workman Creek Falls

Fast Facts:

  • Easy access waterfall in Tonto National Forest
  • Dense pine forest ideal for hiking in the surrounding area
  • Climber and repeller’s paradise

Workman Creek Falls is the perfect choice for a smooth, simple trip to Arizona’s waterfalls. Any passenger car can directly access the falls via Highway 288. No long hikes or tough trails. 

A lot of waterfalls in Arizona are in the midst of the desert. There’s something otherworldly about the expansive, desolate feeling out there. Workman Creek Falls on the other hand, offers up a lush, dense population of pines courtesy of Tonto National Forest.

Workman Creek Falls is a fantastic choice to feel like you’re not in typical Arizona at all. 

Bring your climbing gear if you’re into repelling or rock climbing. The broad face of the falls leaves plenty of room for a day of excitement scaling to the top or repelling down.

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