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It’s no secret that California is a prime destination for a coastal adventure. With over 840 miles of coastline across more than 420 public beaches, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another state with such sheer aquatic scenery suited for an RV trip. 

The state also boasts redwood forests, massive mountain ranges, and several parks for exploration. If this is your first Golden State coastal adventure, then you’re in luck! We’ll cover the best beach RV camping in California so you can head out for a beachfront paradise!

Best Beach RV Camping in California

Check out the best West Coast RV parks below and set yourself up for a memorable Cali adventure! 

Oceanside RV Resort

Amenities: Oceanside RV Resort is a great selection if you’re looking for an ideal climate suited for an oceanfront trip. You can explore sandy beaches, a wooden pier, a fishing charter, nearby water-side restaurants, and the California Surf Museum. The resort is a short drive away from several theme parks, such as SeaWorld and Legoland.

Visitors receive access to a jacuzzi, a dog park, laundry facilities, and full hookup RV sites. 

Capacity: 134 RV sites

Rates: Starting at $103 per night.

More Information: Oceanside RV Resort

Bodega Bay RV Park

Amenities: Bodega Bay RV Park offers a community-type camp setting with attentive staff members and shaded RV sites. The park has everything you need for a pleasant overnight experience. The list includes two group clubhouses, free Wi-Fi, fire ring rentals, and a fenced dog run.  

However, not all of their sites have full hookups. Also, reservations cannot be made greater than 6 months in advance.

Capacity: 71 RV sites

Rates: Starting at $50 per night.

More Information: Bodega Bay RV Park

Pillar Point RV Park

Amenities: The first thing to note about Pillar Point RV Park is that it doesn't accept reservations. Instead, visitors are encouraged to check for availability or show up with a rig to reserve a spot. Visitors can explore many attractions in San Francisco. There are also water-based sports you can engage in at Half Moon Bay. 

All of the sites come with electricity, water, sewer hookups, and free Wi-Fi! The only caveat is that laundry facilities are not available.

Capacity: 49 RV sites

Rates: Starting at $95 per night.

More Information: Pillar Point RV Park

Golden Shore RV Resort

Amenities: Golden Shore RV Resort provides a front-row seat to a Long Beach experience. Immerse yourself in the city’s lifestyle by exploring its attractions for visitors, including the Aquarium of the Pacific, Catalina Island, and the historic Queen Mary ship. Check out the Carpenter Performing Arts Center and enjoy some entertainment in the form of music, dance, and poetry.

After a long day of sightseeing, take advantage of the resort’s shaded RV sites with full hookups and complimentary Wi-Fi.

Capacity: 80 RV sites 

Rates: unlisted

More Information: Golden Shore RV Resort 

Malibu Beach RV Park

Amenities: Malibu Beach RV Park is the only RV park in the city of Malibu, yet it lives up to its reputation as a high-quality coastal campground. Visitors can enjoy several outdoor activities, including whale watching, body surfing, beachcombing, and hiking among several state park trails. 

Make sure to take your children to the park’s nearby play area to keep them entertained. 

Finally, take full advantage of the park’s on-site amenities. These include self-service washers, heated showers, a patio area, propane service, cable access, and much more!

Capacity: 142 RV sites

Rates: Starting at $70 per night.

More Information: Malibu Beach RV Park

Pismo Coast Village RV Resort

Amenities: Next time you’re looking for the best RV parks in California on the coast, keep in mind that Pismo Coast Village Resort has received several state and national awards. Indulge in some wine tasting at one of 20 nearby wineries. Better yet, explore some of the most scenic California dunes at Oceano Dunes.

This resort provides a swimming pool, playgrounds, rental bikes, and self-storage RV lots.

Capacity: 400 RV sites

Rates: Starting at $74 per night.

More Information: Pismo Coast Village RV Resort

Paradise by the Sea Beach RV Resort

Amenities: Paradise by the Sea Beach RV Resort is your best choice for a multi-day adventure in San Diego. Not only are you within close distance to Oceanside and Carlsbad, but you can also engage in several water recreational activities. Stop by Solana Beach, Camp Pendleton, and Oceanside Harbor. Best of all, SeaWorld is a mere 30 minutes away.

There are 90 full hookup sites, complete with picnic tables. Other noteworthy amenities include remodeled restrooms, a grocery store, and 24-hour security surveillance cameras.

Capacity: 102 RV sites

Rates: Starting at $75 per night.

More Information: Paradise by the Sea Beach RV Resort

Packing for a Beach RV Camping Trip in California

Packing for a beach RV camping trip in California can be an exciting and enjoyable experience, as it allows you to combine the freedom of the open road with the beauty of the California coastline. Here's a comprehensive guide on what to pack to ensure a comfortable and memorable trip:

1. RV Essentials

RV documents: Ensure you have your RV registration, insurance, and any required permits.

Keys and spare keys: Don't forget keys for your RV, storage compartments, and any bike locks or equipment locks you might have.

2. Clothing

Swimwear: Bring swimsuits, cover-ups, and rash guards for water activities.

Light clothing: Pack shorts, tank tops, t-shirts, and dresses for warm days.

Layered clothing: Nights by the beach can get chilly, so pack light jackets, hoodies, and long pants.

Footwear: Comfortable walking shoes, flip-flops for the beach, and closed-toe shoes for hiking or exploring.

3. Camping Gear

Tent or RV: Depending on your accommodation choice, make sure you have all the necessary gear and accessories.

Sleeping bags and bedding: Bring warm sleeping bags, pillows, and extra blankets for cooler nights.

Camp chairs and a table: These will come in handy for relaxing by the campfire or enjoying meals outdoors.

Cooking equipment: Portable grill or camp stove, cooking utensils, pots, pans, and dishes for campfire cooking or using the RV kitchen.

Cooler: Keep your food and drinks fresh during your trip.

Firewood and fire starters: Many beach campsites allow campfires, so be prepared.

First-aid kit: Basic supplies for any minor injuries or ailments.

4. Beach Equipment

Beach towels: Pack extra large, absorbent towels for sunbathing and drying off.

Beach chairs and umbrellas: Provide shade and comfort while lounging on the sand.

Sunscreen and sunblock: Protect your skin from the California sun.

Sunglasses and hats: Shield your eyes and face from the sun's rays.

Beach toys: If you have kids, don't forget buckets, shovels, frisbees, and beach balls.

Bodyboards or surfboards: If you plan to catch some waves.

5. Personal Items

Toiletries: Toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, and any personal hygiene items you may need.

Medications: Ensure you have an adequate supply of any prescription medications.

Identification: Carry your driver's license, ID, and health insurance cards.

Cash and cards: Have some cash on hand and your debit/credit cards for purchases or emergencies.

6. Kitchen Supplies

Food and beverages: Plan your meals and snacks for the trip, including staples like bread, eggs, and condiments.

Cooking utensils: Knives, cutting board, can opener, etc.

Dishes and silverware: Plates, bowls, cups, and utensils.

Cleaning supplies: Dish soap, sponge, and dish towels.

7. Entertainment and Electronics

Books, magazines, and board games: Enjoy downtime activities when you're not at the beach.

Portable speakers: Bring music to liven up your campsite.

Camera: Capture the beauty of California's beaches.

8. Miscellaneous

Trash bags: Practice Leave No Trace principles by cleaning up after yourself.

Ziplock bags and containers: Handy for storing leftovers and snacks.

Maps and navigation tools: Ensure you can find your way to different beach destinations.

Reusable water bottles: Stay hydrated with California's fresh water.

Remember that California's beaches can have varying climates, so it's essential to check the weather forecast for your specific destination before packing. Tailoring your packing list to your unique needs and preferences will ensure a fantastic beach RV camping trip in the picturesque state of California. Enjoy the sun, surf, and sand!

Explore Coastal California in an RV Rental

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Our RV rentals are fully equipped with modern home amenities, including showers, freshwater toilets, and air conditioning systems. 

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