Cruise Stories: On the Road with HuntHikeHook


Have some downtime?  Now more than ever we all yearn for more time outside adventuring, exploring, or maybe just a place to enjoy your favorite drink and a view.  Instead of sitting home looking out your window, start turning your wheels on your next adventure.  Need ideas?  Here’s how the HuntHikeHook team approached their most recent fly fishing adventure:

First days fishing spot did not disappoint


Our adventure goal was to load up the team (and dogs) to find the best possible fishing locations over our week long Cruise America rental.  (Pro Tip: Keep an eye on the website for frequent coupon codes!).  There are sites all over the internet that map the best hiking, best biking, fly fishing etc opportunities you can use to highlight waypoints around your main stops.  We used the fishing report map to show us what rivers were available within a six hour drive and started from there!

Our road trip cockpit!


After taking into consideration the flights, rental cars, hotels, restaurants, time at the airports etc the reason to take a Cruise America RV was simple and saved us a considerable amount of money.  Most of the RV areas we found to park, hookup, and sleep were beautiful.  Not to mention, most of these locations were right next to our destination points and all were dog friendly.

Morning coffee and puppy tie.

Need ideas for the bare essentials for the road?  Grab the Traeger Tailgater, GoalZero Yeti 500X, your favorite coffee delivery device, Perfect Bars, Huss beers, any other snacks you need for the Yeti.  Need to stay connected while you’re “disconnected”?  Check out the Fusion2Go Max cell phone signal booster, ours came in handy often.  Remember to bring trash bags to leave no trace and finally, consider joining Costa and so many of us to Kick Plastic using something like a Yeti Silo to delete the single use plastics.

Just because you’re on the road, doesn’t mean you sacrifice amazing coffee.

So take a little "social distancing time” for yourself.  What a better time to plug your destinations into the Garmin Overland and venture off the beaten path than on your own sheets, your own food, and your favorite exploration shoes?  Feel like exploring a more populated area?  Take the time now to reserve your RV, plan your route, and get ready to hit the road! 

 As you can see… the team takes themselves very seriously.

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