5 Reasons Why is an RV Trip Better than a Hotel Trip


I grew up going on RV trips on the East Coast of the US, but I was young, and my grandparents ran the show. I remember the great memories and excitement as we drove up to each destination, but I had no idea how much easier this type of trip is versus a hotel stay.

We've grown accustomed to planning out trips by renting a car or using local transportation and renting out a hotel or Airbnb. There are pros and cons to both, but I'll give you my take on the RV life for your next US road trip with Cruise America RV.

Why is an RV trip better than a Hotel trip?

1.      Food/Meals

There were times we found ourselves on a 6-hour trip to our next destination. I did not want to eat fast food the entire trip. We’d already stopped and purchased groceries, so we stopped off the road and made ourselves a home-cooked meal. With all the necessary kitchen amenities, our meals were healthier, cheaper and faster, in my opinion. Click here to see inside a Cruise RV

2.      Bathrooms

If this list were ranking the best reasons to RV verse hotel, this one would be number 1! A bathroom anytime, anywhere. My husband teases me because of how much I need to stop to use the restroom. I drink a lot of water; I can’t help it. Yes, I always find the bad time to chug water or tea and need to stop a gazillion times. If you have kids, this is a big bonus.

3.      Price

When you think about the price to rent a vehicle AND a place to stay each night, the difference in renting an RV is less expensive. An RV like Cruise America, is provided with a generator, propane, and water so you can boondock! We didn't boondock every night, but we occasionally took advantage of cutting down on costs at an RV park.  If you're new to boondocking and interested for your next trip, be sure to check out Cruise America's10 first-timer boondocking tips before you venture out.

4.      Convenience

Okay, so maybe this should be my number 1 reason; I can’t decide. The simple convenience of an RV is enough for me to do this over and over every year. I am a planner, but sometimes there’s so much to see and do that you leave the schedule open. It was great being able to stay longer at various parks and not worry about racing off to the next location where we booked our hotel stay. Our hotel is with us, our Cruise America RV!

5.      Packing/Repacking

This really can go into the convenience section, but it warrants its own paragraph for sure. I loathe repacking my clothes to go to each location, especially if you’re moving every 1 to 2 nights. In an RV, there is no repacking! Our standard RV had plenty of room for clothing storage plus extra.

Now that I’ve fully talked myself into living the RV life, it’s going to be difficult to road-trip using hotels. If you have a US destination in mind this summer, share it here so Cruise America RV can make your RV life dreams come true! We’ve enjoyed our two-week adventure and look forward to returning soon!



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