Why RV Ownership May Be Right for You


Are you an experienced RV enthusiast? Then you already know all of the great reasons to rent an RV for a long vacation or a quick getaway. Now that you’ve experienced the freedom and fun of the RV lifestyle, it might be time to think about RV ownership.

As you consider the decision to buy an RV, here are a few things to help you decide if ownership is right for you.

You Can Buy New or Used

There are a lot of great advantages to buying a new RV. However, it can be a lot more cost effective to get a used RV, making Cruise America’s refurbished motorhomes a great option to consider. With our rent-to-buy rebate, you can even give the long-term vibe a try and then get a rebate if you end up moving forward with your purchase. 

It Can Be a Great Investment 

Owning an RV allows you continual savings on your travel. Also, did you know you can claim your RV as a second home and get the tax benefits? This is true as long as it has the right amenities, such as a bedroom, eating area and a bathroom.


Financing an RV Is Easier Than You Think

There are many options when financing an RV.  What is often a surprise to new RV buyers is the longer terms available. Unlike automotive loans, you have the flexibility to stretch your payments over a 10- or 12-year term. Customers taking advantage of these longer terms walk away with very affordable payments that are often much lower than they originally anticipated.           

Becoming an RV Owner Gives You Great Flexibility for Your Travel

With an owned RV, you can go where and when you want to go, without the hassles of hotel reservations and flight travel. Not to mention you can get great savings on restaurants, since you can cook your own meals whenever you want.

It’s a Great Way to Make Friends

Living the Cruise America RV lifestyle allows you to become part of a large, even international, community. Frequent RV travel will give you opportunities to make new friends while connecting with people all over the country who enjoy some of the same things you do.


It’s a Great Way to See More of Your “Old” Friends

Flying around the country to see long-time friends can get very expensive. With your own RV, you can plan the length of trip that works for you and see as many of your friends as you like. You can also entertain them in your new RV or take day trips to their favorite, local spots.

It’s a Fun Lifestyle

Maybe you are just looking for a lifestyle change. You enjoy your occasional RV vacations, but you are ready for the excitement of long-term RV travel. The RV lifestyle allows you to experience the entire country, or if you like, just your part of it. 

When you are ready to lock your purchase in and start planning an exciting RV adventure, Cruise America can walk you through the process and get you on your way to the cruising lifestyle!