Best 10 Stargazing Locations in Wyoming to Camp Near


In some sense, much of Wyoming is Dark Sky country by default. Filled with national parks and monuments, wide-open spaces and towering mountain ranges, Wyoming has little light pollution when compared to much of the rest of the country. What this means for you is that a Wyoming stargazing experience is arguably second to none. 

But where, exactly, should you go? Where can the best nighttime views in Wyoming be found? This handy guide to Wyoming stargazing spots will help you choose your destination, and also find an RV park at which to call it a night once you’ve spent enough time stargazing!

Tips on Making Your Stargazing Experience More Memorable

For an optimal Wyoming stargazing experience, it’s worth going over this checklist to ensure that you’re as prepared as you can possibly be. After all, stargazing is about more than just looking up!

  • Have your tools at the ready. Telescope? Check. Binoculars? Check. Red flashlight to help your eyes more easily adjust to the dark? Invest in one if you haven’t already done so. 
  • Check the weather/moon phases beforehand. Obviously, cloudy or rainy nights are a no-go for stargazing, but so are full moon nights. Work with the weather and sky forecast rather than against it. 
  • Keep your phone in your pocket. The light from the screen can hinder your eyes’ ability to see the stars, and there’s no need to miss a shooting star just to check social media.
  • Get to know the sky. Do you know which constellations are visible, and where in the sky they’ll be — and when? Do you know when the moon will rise and make stars less visible? If not, it may be time to learn!
  • Know where to go. Believe it or not, not everywhere in Wyoming is a great place for stargazing. Streetlights, car lights, etc., can all get in the way of a rewarding stargazing experience. Use the list below to see where might be the best Wyoming stargazing location for you. 

Best Locations for Stargazing in Jackson Hole

Speaking of the best locations for Wyoming stargazing, consider Jackson Hole a contender. Minimal light pollution mandates a Jackson Hole stargazing experience’s presence on your list. 

Moulton Barn 

Moulton Barn, located in Mormon Row, is an ideal location to kick off your Wyoming stargazing trip. In the summertime, the Milky Way is entirely visible, seemingly rising behind this iconic Jackson Hole locale right from the earth itself. 


Jackson is the home of Wyoming Stargazing, a non-profit dedicated to making Wyoming stargazing even more of a wonderful experience. By itself, Jackson, WY, has very little light pollution, making practically anywhere in this town of 10,000 people a stargazer’s delight.

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Best Locations for Stargazing in Yellowstone


Yellowstone isn’t quite Dark Sky country yet, but they are working towards getting that designation. Still, as things stand, Yellowstone stargazing locales should not be overlooked. 

Mount Washburn

One of the highest points in Yellowstone, Mount Washburn’s peak of 10,243 feet isn’t accessible for stargazing itself, but stargazers can reach Dunraven Pass (at 8,859 feet) on a ridge near the top for some spectacular Yellowstone stargazing views. 

Hayden Valley

Hayden Valley is a quiet spot in Yellowstone where stargazers like you can enjoy the peace and quiet of your surroundings with the great dome of the nighttime sky above. 

Upper Geyser Basin

Nighttime views of an illuminated Old Faithful are enough of a draw. But stargazing while walking on the many boardwalks of the Upper Geyser Basin with broad views of the sky isn’t an experience to knock!

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Best Locations for Stargazing in Grand Teton

Located just a few minutes away from Jackson, there is no light pollution at Grand Teton National Park. So, if you’re itching for views of the Milky Way — or any constellation you can think of — then some Grand Teton stargazing is what you want to do.

String Lake Trailhead Parking lot

The Grand Tetons are filled with an abundance of daytime views, and that is equally true of nighttime as well. The String Lake Trailhead parking lot is one of many trailhead parking lots providing ideal Grand Teton stargazing opportunities. 

Death Canyon

You’d do well to get out of any populated areas in Wyoming for the best stargazing. It’s a bit of a hike to get to the stargazing point at Death Canyon but well worth the effort. Set up shop near the barn, wait for nightfall, and revel in the view!

Alaska Basin

The Alaska Basin trail is not for the faint of heart; it’s a 15-mile trek best conquered in the summer months. Find a place to rest as nightfall approaches and wait for the stars to shine.

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Best Locations for Stargazing in Devils Tower


Clear across Wyoming may be one of the most suitable places at which to stargaze, so go have a close encounter with the stars at Devils Tower National Monument. If some Devils Tower Milky Way views sound enticing, then read on!

Joyner Ridge Parking Lot and Trail

Trailhead parking lots provide wonderful opportunities for nighttime viewing, as they’re usually in spots far from any light pollution. For Devils Tower Milky Way stargazing, Joyner Ridge’s trailhead parking lot is where you want to be. 

Circle of Sacred Smoke Sculpture and Picnic Area

Unlike other areas, there are fewer trees in this area to impede your stargazing. Arrive before sunset, set up your ‘scope, and watch the night sky come into full view over Devils Tower. 

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Go on a Starry Adventure in a Cruise America RV

It’s fairly obvious that the trouble with finding Wyoming stargazing locations isn’t due to an absence, but rather a surplus, of stargazing spots. How you get to those stargazing viewpoints is another matter entirely, but Cruise America is ready and available to help. No, Cruise America can’t provide you with a telescope, but we’ll get you situated with an RV rental that can help you arrive at your preferred Wyoming stargazing location in comfort and style. 

Once you’ve finished packing your telescope, get in touch with Cruise America and book an RV as soon as possible — the stars are waiting!