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It’s time to disconnect from life’s stressors and reconnect with nature and loved ones. Taking a Cruise America RV on a Yellowstone camping trip enables you to encounter roaming wildlife, try outdoor activities, and experience Old Faithful in complete comfort. Read this ultimate guide to RV camping in Yellowstone National Park, then pack your bags for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Yellowstone National Park Facts

As the first national park globally, there is an abundance of history and unique features waiting to be explored at Yellowstone. So much so that we’re going to give you some Yellowstone National Park facts to further pique your interest as you plan your Yellowstone RV camping trip.

  • Yellowstone became the first national park in 1872—talk about ancient!
  • Yellowstone’s 3,472 miles covers more area than the state of Rhode Island and Delaware combined! 
  • Yellowstone sits atop one of the largest volcanic fields on the planet, meaning most of the world’s geysers can be found within park boundaries. 
  • Bring the camera because awe-inspiring sites, including the 20-mile-long Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, dot the national park.
  • Yellowstone has a 300-foot waterfall known as the Lower Falls.
  • Timber! This national park is also home to the greatest concentration of petrified trees at Specimen Ridge.

RV Camping in Yellowstone National Park: Best RV Parks and Campgrounds

Twelve Yellowstone RV campgrounds are situated inside the park's boundaries. At each of the five entrances to Yellowstone, RV parks are easy to find. Yet, the largest Yellowstone RV parks are located near the west entrance. It's best to make reservations for these Yellowstone RV campgrounds far in advance. Check out some of our favorite spots:

Yellowstone Park KOA

Amenities: Just six miles from Yellowstone National Park, this stunning campground offers a 360-degree view of the Rocky Mountains. Head to the KOA office to grab a ride on the tour bus to Yellowstone or enjoy one of the many on-site activities the campground offers, like horseback riding or whitewater rafting. 

Capacity: 369 sites
More information: Yellowstone KOA

Yellowstone Grizzly RV Park & Cabins

Amenities: A short walk from the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center, Yellowstone Grizzly RV Park & Cabins offers plenty of opportunities to spend the day in the great outdoors. After a long day hiking the beautiful park, enjoy hot showers and laundry accommodations back at your RV site. 

Capacity: 207 sites

More information: Yellowstone Grizzly RV Park & Cabins

Bridge Bay RV Park

Amenities: Located near Yellowstone Lake, this breathtaking campground offers the best of both worlds. Spend some time exploring the park’s wildlife or head to the lake for a day of fishing. Take the afternoon to kick your feet up at your campsite’s picnic table and soak up some sun. 

Capacity: 400 sites

More information: Bridge Bay RV Park

Grant Village Campground

Amenities: Grant Village is a lakeside campground in Yellowstone that has a general store, boat ramps, a gas station, a visitor center, and a restaurant for visitors. There is also an amphitheater, on-site laundry facilities, flush toilets, fire rings, and more. 

Capacity: 400+ sites

More information: Grant Village Campground

Fishing Bridge RV Park

Amenities: This campground is open from early May to early October and is located near the mouth of the Yellowstone River. There was a recent renovation completed in the park, which includes new dump stations, bigger sites, a recycling area, and extended shower and laundry facilities. Most sites are pull-through and offer 30/50 amp hookups. 

Capacity: 172 sites

More information: Fishing Bridge RV Park

Lewis Lake Campground 

Amenities: Lewis Lake Campground is eight miles from the South Entrance to Yellowstone National Park. There is a boat ramp located on Lewis Lake for visitors to use and vault toilets on-site. Most campsites offer picnic tables and fire rings. Note there are no dump stations available at Lake Lewis Campground. 

Capacity: 85 sites

More information: Lake Lewis Campground

The National Park Service operates seven of the twelve sites, and RV spaces are secured on a first-come, first-serve basis. During peak season (July and August), Yellowstone RV campgrounds routinely fill up in the early morning. Xanterra Parks & Resorts accepts reservations for the other five campsites, like the Bridge Bay RV Park.

Best Time to Visit Yellowstone National Park


Calling all winter RV camping aficionados! If you love the snow and being outdoors in freezing temperatures, visiting Yellowstone National Park during the winter months might be just for you. Heavy snowfall and below-freezing temperatures call for plenty of safety gear, so make you’re prepared before planning your next December trip. 


Early spring (April-May) is a great time for Yellowstone RV camping because the prime tourism season is still weeks away. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to watch the park bloom awake from a long winter. Prepare for any kind of weather during this season as it can range from frigid cold to a comfortable 50 degrees. 


The peak summer season of July to August is a perfect time to hike Yellowstone National Park’s stunning terrain. During the sunny and warm season of the year, the park and its surrounding area offer a wide variety of events and festivals to keep your days busy and full of fun. Be sure to rent your RV site in advance during these months since they fill up quickly. 


Autumn brings changing leaves and cooler temperatures to Yellowstone National Park. With the summer visitors beginning to head back home, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to explore every corner of the park freely. Keep in mind that some of the park’s facilities will be starting to close for the winter, so be ready to entertain yourself with the great outdoors during your fall visit.

Things to Do in Yellowstone National Park

yellowstone fishing

Yellowstone RV campgrounds put you in the middle of nature, affording more opportunities to view wildlife in the early morning and evening hours. Check out the endless activities that Yellowstone offers as you plan your trip:

  • Take a guided boat tour. Climb aboard the Lake Queen guided tour boat to spend an hour of the day exploring some of the 140-mile-long Yellowstone Lake. 
  • Rent a canoe. If you think the park is stunning on foot, you should check it out from the surrounding lakes. With a 360-degree view of the surrounding nature, taking in the scenery from a canoe seems like a great way to spend the day. 
  • Go angling for wild trout: Join the 50,000 visitors a year that come just for the fishing. Yellowstone is all about preserving nature, though, so make sure you read through all the guidelines before casting your hook. 
  • Check out the backcountry campsites. For a more authentic Yellowstone RV camping experience, you can explore the national park's designated backcountry campsite system, which takes you far away from popular Yellowstone RV parks. Yellowstone's Backcountry Office offers a special guide to planning a backcountry trip. 

Best Hiking in Yellowstone National Park 

Hiking is one of the most popular activities at Yellowstone among visitors. Here are some of the top trails to hike while you are there!

Grand Prismatic Overlook Trail

The Grand Prismatic Overlook Trail is one of the best hikes to a geyser in Yellowstone National Park. The trail is only 1.5 miles long out and back and has a very small elevation gain of 200 feet. The trail can get pretty crowded, so going early in the morning is highly recommended.

Upper Geyser Basin and Old Faithful Observation Point Loop

This hiking trail is moderately difficult at 4.9 miles roundtrip. The trail begins at the Old Faithful viewing area and continues to Observation Point. The Observation Point features breathtaking views of Old Faithful, especially if you’re lucky enough to catch an eruption. Then you can continue the loop and stop at Morning Glory Pool, Riverside Geyser, and Castle Geyser. 

Brink of the Lower Falls Trail

This 0.7-mile trail is an out-and-back hike that allows you to view the tallest waterfall in Yellowstone. Yellowstone’s Lower Falls are double the height of Niagara Falls! The trail starts in the North Rim scenic drive parking area and continues to the stunning Lower Falls. The trail is moderately steep and is good for most hikers. 

North Rim Trail

The North Rim Trail starts at the parking area for Grand Loop Road and South Rim Drive. The hike follows the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, where hikers can stop at popular viewpoints such as Brink of the Upper Falls, Grand View, Lookout Point, and Crystal Falls Overlook. The hike is 6.4 miles out and back with an elevation gain of 675 feet.

Tips on Visiting Yellowstone National Park

Make sure you have the best Yellowstone Park RV experience by following some of these amazing tips!

  • Check the weather. Montana experiences all four seasons to the extreme, so keep an eye on the weather forecast for your trip and dress accordingly. You won’t want to get caught in the rain halfway through a hike because you thought the sun would be shining all day. 
  • Book in advance. During peak season, Yellowstone can see almost one million visitors. This means that RV campsites will book fast, and you don’t want to miss out on seeing the wildlife in action because you didn’t rent your space early enough in the year. 
  • Get an early start: Yellowstone offers countless unique features and experiences to fill your day. Start your day off by watching the sunrise over the mountains, and then get a move on! You won’t want to miss a single thing. 
  • Respect the rules. All the fun features of Yellowstone wouldn’t be the same without the respect of all the visitors who come each year. We have more of an impact on nature than we sometimes realize, but following the rules posted throughout the park can ensure that the gorgeous scenes around you stay that way for years to come. 

Wildlife in Yellowstone National Park 


There are many species of wildlife you may encounter in Yellowstone. Here are just some of the creatures you may see. 

  • Wolves

  • Bighorn sheep

  • Grizzly bears

  • Elk

  • Coyotes

  • Bison

  • Black bears

  • Mule deer

  • Bobcats

  • Red foxes

Be sure to keep your distance from any wildlife you encounter to remain as safe as possible.

RV Rental in Yellowstone National Park

Whatever you choose to do on your vacation, Yellowstone RV camping with Cruise America lets you travel in comfort at your own pace. Take your pick from our wide line of Four Winds motor home models and options. 

If you have questions or would like to make a reservation, simply call us at 1-800-671-8042 or make your Cruise America RV rental reservation online.