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Cape Cod

Are you ready to visit one of the most popular summertime destinations in the country? Well then, get ready to buckle up with an RV rental in Cape Cod! With delicious seafood, amazing lighthouses, and beautiful beaches, Cape Cod, Massachusetts is a stop worth making.

Weather tends to be the talk of the town in Cape Cod. Typically, the sun is out and the temperatures aren’t above 85°. Although it may happen from time-to-time, the warmer weather is just another reason for you to cool off at the beaches. Aside from the beaches, boating is another fan favorite of the Cap Codders. Locals tend to spend a lot of time out on the water, and it is widely known, by the community, that the best place to watch fireworks in Cape Cod is on a boat. In fact, it is so popular that there are a few different firework cruises that will take you out for the night to enjoy the show.

Another incredible site to see are the lighthouses. A total of 16 lighthouses on Cape Cod. Each of these lighthouses possess a unique story, but more importantly, they help guide the boats at night by shining a light to let them know the direction at which they’re traveling. If you have the chance, visiting some of these lighthouses is well worth the time.

When it comes to neighboring cities, Boston is less than an hour and a half away from Cape Cod. With this being the case, the Red Sox fan base is no joke. Be prepared to hear “Go Sox” on several occasions, and if you’re a fan of baseball you may want to make the drive up to Boston to see the historic Fenway Park. Cruise America is here to make your RV trip one to remember, so contact us today to get the wheels rolling!