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South Carolina has several cities that are well-worth visiting. That said, an RV rental in Charleston is one of the best ways to explore the beautiful state of South Carolina. With amazing beaches, an inviting downtown area, and mountains right around the corner, you’re destined to have a wonderful time while adventuring through this town.

Geographically speaking, Charleston is a peninsula. Yet, although it is surrounded by water, the weather is not always a tropical paradise. During the winter months there is a chance that you could run into snow flurries, which is not exactly what you would expect while staying on a peninsula. Therefore, be sure to plan your vacation accordingly. You don’t want to have the expectation of sunny and 75 degrees and end up freezing your toes off!

Now that you’re aware of the weather, we should also warn you about the celebrity appearances. This is less of a warning, but more of a heads up. You may catch a celebrity or two strolling the streets of the town during your visit. They may be there for the amazing weather (most of the year) or possibly the incredible food. Both of which you will also be able to partake in.

Believe it or not, Charlotte has delicious seafood, which tends to be the highlight of a culinary experience in the city. Okay, that may have been a bit of sarcasm considering this town is surrounded by water. Regardless, there’s a good chance you’ll leave and return home just to tell your friends about how they need to visit Charleston, ASAP!

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