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The Benefits of Class C RVs Make The A+ Grade!

The benefits of Class C RVs (cabover motorhomes) are numerous, making them the way to go when looking to rent an RV or purchase an RV. Some of these benefits include:

  • More sleeping capacity than a bus style motorhome
  • Much easier to navigate in smaller spaces
  • Up to 15% better fuel economy than the bus style motor home
  • Much easier to drive in windy conditions
  • Easier to get into and out of, as it is lower to the ground
  • Offers three separate doors for entry and exit
  • Makes for less interior space to heat or cool, making it much more efficient

Motorhomes come in three categories ... A, B and C. The benefits of the C class motorhome greatly outweigh those of the Class A and Class B recreational vehicles. Here are a few reasons why:

Class A motorhomes are the giant "bus like" vehicles; the types you may see celebrities traveling in, along with their entourage. They are great to have if you don't ever plan on parking them, and if you plan on staying only on the straight highway rather than venturing into any camping area or business establishment. Their long body makes backing up, or turning around in a tight place extremely difficult, if not impossible. Also, due to the width of the driver's compartment, it is difficult for the driver to estimate the clearance on the right side of the vehicle. The large windshield on the class A motorhome makes it difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature in harsh or extreme conditions. In hot weather, it is highly recommended to have at least two air conditioning units, making fuel consumption even greater. Lastly, there is a higher risk of injury to the driver and the passenger should an accident occur, as little protection is offered in the class A motorhome.

Class B motorhomes are more like modified family vans rather than recreational vehicles. They generally sleep two people, although some models can fit four into a tight squeeze. In order to have any headroom at all while standing, the top of the van needs to be modified. Enough said.

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Class C motorhomes fall between the A and the B. The benefits of the class C motorhome make it the most popular style in our nation today. If this were the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, the Class C motorhomes would be the one that Goldilocks would choose because it was "just right." It is perfect for family vacations, as it will sleep up to seven people. Because of its construction, it offers the greatest safety of all the classes. Its size lends to the fuel savings effort without sacrificing room to move about. They are as easy to drive and maneuver as the family vehicle.

The benefits of a C class motorhome outnumber the benefits of the two other choices, with such a wide margin, that this choice is awarded the grade of A+.

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