12 Travel Goals to Check Off in 2024

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Here at Cruise America, we’ve officially designated 2024 as the year of travel. Whether you’re planning to embark on a solo journey or eat your heart out on the food tour of your dreams, we guarantee there are some amazing adventures ahead. If you’re in need of a little inspiration, consider these 2024 travel goals. 

12 Travel Goals to Make in 2024

This is it. This is the year you will make your travel dreams come true! In preparation for the new year, here are some travel goals you might consider for 2024. 

Take a Solo Trip

Take some advice from Julia Roberts in “Eat Pray Love” and make 2024 the year you embark on a quest of self-discovery. Not only does traveling solo allow you to explore to your heart’s content, but it also gives you the ability to immerse yourself in the local culture. You would be surprised how many unknown hotspots you can find just by striking up a conversation with someone new! Solo travel can also be a huge confidence booster. Looking for a destination? If you’re planning a solo trip, be sure to tell a friend or family member about your travel plans. Safety is always a priority!

Want to take a solo RV camping trip? Our truck camper rental would be perfect for that.

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Learn to Unplug

Allow yourself to recharge while on vacation by implementing a digital detox. Yes, that’s right – step away from the iPhone! It can be challenging at first, but a few steps will help you stay disconnected and immersed in your surroundings. Turn off your notifications, set a specific check-in time, use a screen limiting app or leave your phone in your RV or suitcase. If you’re in a group, play the phone stacking game and place all electronics in a designated area. No matter your strategy, stepping away from the screen will give you the much-needed break you deserve. 

Embrace the digital detox at one of these off-the-grid camping locations.

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Go On a Stargazing Trip

Death Valley, CA. Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan, Canada. Acadia National Park, ME. What do all of these places have in common? They are all amazing places for stargazing. Add one of these travel destinations to your list if you truly want to get away from the bright lights of the city to enjoy a heavenly view of the cosmos.
Check out this guide for the best stargazing opportunities in 2024.

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Go Green

From camping to day trips, there are easy ways to reduce your carbon footprint. For example, bring along reusable water bottles instead of filling the fridge in your camper rental with plastic water bottles. You can also bring along a 5-gallon water jug that you fill up at your local grocery store, instead of stocking up on plastic gallons.

While we’re on the subject of plastic waste, consider bringing your own kitchen utensils when camping, and keeping plastic utensils out of landfills. A lot of people like to burn their plastic utensils in the fire, which is actually even worse for the planet than the landfill route, as burning plastic emits toxic dioxins into the air. No, thank you!

Don’t want to bring your own kitchen utensils? Consider reserving one of our kitchen kits with your next camper rental. From a can opener and coffee cups to knives and a tea kettle, we’ve got you covered in the kitchen.

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Plan a Camping Family Reunion 

There’s nothing better than camping for reconnecting with extended family. Host some friendly competition between the families (or generations!) with a chili cook-off or Dutch oven dessert competition. Catch up on all the family news while roasting marshmallows next to the firepit. 

Check out these resources for finding free RV campgrounds for large groups.

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Plan a Food Tour

Channel your inner Guy Fieri and plan a Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives-esque road trip. Before you hit the trail, take a moment to research a destination’s food scene and create an itinerary based on your top picks. Be sure to leave in free time to explore local markets or undiscovered restaurants to get a true taste of the area’s traditional cuisine. For some added fun, rate each stop and make a list of your favorite places. Remember, there is no better way to explore than with your taste buds! 

Love shellfish? Check out these top East Coast destinations for oyster lovers. 

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Visit Less-trafficked State and National Parks

Cruise America is headquartered in Arizona, the Grand Canyon State. It is amazing to us how many people will drive hours to get to the Grand Canyon or Sedona, but never even check out the amazing national and state parks literally in our backyard. This year, consider adding a new park to your list that doesn’t usually get all the hype – you just might discover a new favorite.

Check out this list of gorgeous and least-visited parks to start building your itinerary.

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Congaree National Park, SC
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Spend a Holiday in Nature

With holidays comes a laundry list of traditions. Whether is traveling to a national park for spring break or RV camping for Christmas, this year, make a new tradition by spending a holiday in nature.

If you’re not sure when to go, here are some of the most popular holidays for RV traveling


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Visit a New Country

Whether you’ve never been out of the country or have visited a handful of other countries, why not add another to the list? There are so many beautiful places in the world worth exploring. Check out flight specials to help you plan where you may like to go in 2024.

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See the Northern Lights

Aurora Borealis is a wonder to behold. The beautiful waves of light dance through the dark sky and paint a mesmerizing image for those who travel to see them. You won’t regret visiting Fairbanks, Alaska in a Cruise America RV rental. 

Take an Alaskan Highway RV trip to experience the natural beauty of the north. 

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Travel with Someone New

If you have made new friends in 2023, why not suggest a road trip together to spend quality time with one another in the new year? An RV road trip is a great way to explore new places with new friends while maintaining your personal space. Cruise America RVs offer the conveniences of home while on the road!

Learn to Pack More Effectively

Packing for traveling is always a struggle for the majority of the population. Make it one of your travel goals this year to learn the best ways to pack for a trip. Invest in packing cubes, consolidate your wardrobe, or watch tutorials on folding methods to find what works best for you.

Reach Your 2024 Travel Goals with Cruise America

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