7 Best Apps & Resources for RV-Friendly Driving Routes


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Before your next RV trip, stop at the camping store, the grocery store and the App Store to ensure you have all the tools you need. 

Gone are the days of scratching your head and unearthing an outdated map from deep within the glovebox. You don’t have to slow your RV roll any longer. With these nifty apps, you’ll have access to RV-friendly driving directions throughout your journey. 

So grab your smartphone and the keys to the RV! It’s time to travel along RV driving routes with comfort and ease. 

7 Apps & Resources for RV-Friendly Driving Routes


  1. Cruise America App

Price: Free

Availability: iOS and Android

Calling all RV renters and RV travelers! This app has your back when it comes to learning the ins and outs of your RV. Under the “Renter’s Guide” tab, you’ll find information on how to drive safely in your RV along with helpful information for operating the vehicle. 

Navigate over to the “Campgrounds” tab to find a map that displays RV-friendly campsites near you. There is also a handy feature displaying dump stations in the area, so you can unload and carry on with your journey. One of the most useful features is the how-to section, which includes troubleshooting videos for a wide range of RV appliances from the shower to the generator to the water heater and more. 

  1. The Dyrt App

Price: Free + Paid Option

Availability: iOS and Android

RV lovers are not afraid to get a little dirty. After a long day of adventuring, finding a campground is easy with The Dyrt. You can filter options based on reviews from other campers, so selecting campgrounds that accommodate RVs is simple. With comprehensive maps detailing the location of nearby campgrounds, you can be en route to the site of your choice. Plus, you can request reservations from within the app. Happy camping!

The Dyrt also offers an annual subscription to Dyrt PRO. With this upgrade, you’ll have access to downloadable maps for RV driving, discounts at campgrounds and offline usability so that you can utilize the app when cell service is spotty. 

  1. Hipcamp App

Price: Free

Availability: iOS and Android

Dubbed “the Airbnb of camping,” Hipcamp connects nature lovers with one-of-a-kind outdoor stays. The large campsite database includes RV parks and campgrounds that offer RV accommodation. You can use the app to filter camping locations by distance, price, group size, pet-friendliness and more. 

Hipcamp also features national park camping availability in the app so you can discover outdoor stays in or near national parks across the country. Hipcamp offers its services to those in the US, Canada and Australia.

  1. KOA App

Price: Free

Availability: iOS and Android

Typical mobile GPS systems don’t have a focus on RV-friendly driving directions. The KOA App solves that problem. It integrates with the navigation system on your smartphone and offers RV driving directions even when you’re offline. 

The app also alerts you to emergency road closures near the campground you have selected, so you are prepared for the road ahead. Say ‘yes’ to mobile maps for RV driving and no to getting lost with the KOA App! 

  1. Copilot RV App

Price: Free

Availability: iOS and Android

Cruising down the highway in your RV is liberating. Getting stuck on a road that’s not meant for big vehicles or lost in the middle of nowhere? Not so much. Enter Copilot RV. This app is designed with large vehicles in mind and even offers downloadable maps that let you follow RV driving routes without cell service.  

With Copilot RV, you have the option to choose an efficient path or take the scenic route. Either way, you’ll be equipped with RV-friendly driving directions free from low bridges and other hazards. The app also has a “plan your route” feature that allows you to input a trip with up to 50 stops while Copilot RV calculates the best path to take.   

  1. GasBuddy 

Price: Free

Availability: iOS and Android

As you rumble along RV driving routes, the time will come when the gas tank needs replenishing. With GasBuddy, you’ll be able to locate the most cost-efficient pump near you. Open the app and find a map of gas prices near you. Filter by your location or preferred brand and then head over to fill up!

GasBuddy also offers a trip cost calculator for those traveling in the US and Canada. Put in your RV make and model along with your start and ending location. Then, you’ll get information about what gas stations to visit along the way to save money on your trip. According to GasBuddy, users have saved over $2.9 billion in the past 15 years since the app launched. 

  1. inRoute

Price: Free + Paid Options

Availability: iOS only  

Make a solid plan for the trip ahead with inRoute. The interactive maps for RV driving include route elevation, weather and road curviness. You can easily add stops along your planned route and even export your route to Apple Maps or another GPS system of your choosing. 

With inRoute Pro, the options for RV-friendly driving directions expand. You can create routes with up to 150 stops and sync your routes with other devices. There are also weather alerts and custom routes that you can unlock with a subscription to inRoute Pro. 

RV driving directions are never far from your fingertips, thanks to the apps above. With the knowledge they provide, the forecast is lots of adventure and smooth RV trips ahead.

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