Camping Activities for Adults and Every Age Group

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There’s definitely something to be said about unplugging and simply relaxing on a camping trip. That’s why most people camp in the first place, right? To get away from it all! 

However, you’re eventually going to want to have some camping activities to fill your time. You never know when inclement weather may roll in, forcing you to hang out inside your RV. Or you may simply want to break up the day with something new, like camping games.

Whether you’re setting out on a cross-country RV trip or attempting your first camping trip with your new baby, these ideas for fun things to do while camping satisfies a wide variety of interests. 

10 Activities for Groups of Adults

Let’s face it—children aren’t the only ones who need to be entertained with fun things to do while camping. Whether you’re on a solo camping trip, traveling with your significant other or camping with a group of several other adults, there are lots of wonderful ways to pass the time.


Lounge in a Hammock

Naps become a rare, priceless luxury as an adult (sadly). That’s why one of the best camping activities for adults is simply relaxing in a hammock. Grab a book and retreat to a quiet corner of camp, or let the gentle breeze sway you to sleep.

Compete in Cornhole

Cornhole, or “bags,” depending on where you live, is a tried-and-true camping game. All you need are the bags and boards with holes to toss them in. There are also several portable variations designed specifically for camping. 

Play a Round of Horseshoes

Like cornhole, you don’t need much in the way of gear or skill to play horseshoes. You can find travel-friendly rubber versions at most camping and outdoors retailers, so you aren’t forced to haul around heavy metal sets. 

Go Stargazing

Stargazing is one of the best and most relaxing adult camping activities. Find an excellent stargazing destination and settle in for a few hours of captivating views. All you need to stargaze is a clear sky; blankets and camp chairs are optional.

Try Your Hand at Astrophotography

If stargazing appeals to you, consider taking it a step further and exploring the art of astrophotography, or photographing the night sky. You need to be away from city light pollution to get the best views, so it’s an ideal activity for camping. 


Watch the Sunrise

More of a morning person than a night owl? Get up extra early and watch the sun come up over camp. Fair warning—this may very quickly become one of your favorite things to do while camping. 

Play some Party Games

Liven up your camping trip with some party classics. You can play tons of fun games at camp, including Charades, Never Have I Ever and Two Truths and a Lie. It’s simple to adapt these games whether you’re looking for camp games for large groups or camping games for couples. Plus, you don’t need a deck of cards or other supplies to have a great time. 

Host a Beer or Wine Tasting

If you’re looking for cool things to do while camping with adults, host a beer or wine tasting. Have everyone bring a bottle of wine or a few beers, set up a snack table and encourage trying a little of everything. 

Have a Dance Party

Bring a portable speaker (in a pinch, use your phone) and have a good ol’ fashioned dance party once the sun goes down. Show off your moves and have a good time breaking it down with your crew. Have a blast! But be respectful of your neighbors and quiet hours at your campsite. 

Try Slacklining

Looking to shake things up? For a guaranteed few hours of entertainment, try slacklining. It’s one of the most unique and fun things to do while camping! Slacklining is similar to tightrope walking, but you’re much, much closer to the ground (phew!). 

10 Activities for Groups of All Ages

Camping with family members or other groups with a varied age range comes with some unique challenges. To keep things fun, it certainly helps to have an arsenal of go-to camping activities that appeal to all ages, interests and skill levels.

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Host a Movie Night

Roll out the bedroll and relax under the night stars, while watching a movie with the family. Set up a projector to shine on the side of the RV and create your own on-the-go theater.

Play Card Games 

With a simple deck of cards, you have seemingly endless fun things to do while camping. Stick with family-friendly classics such as Go Fish, War, or Crazy 8s so even the littlest campers in your group can quickly catch on. 

Go on a Scavenger Hunt

One of the best camp games for large groups is a campsite scavenger hunt. Search Pinterest for free printable checklists or go with a nature theme like bugs or flowers. Bonus: scavenger hunts even work as camping activities for toddlers. 

Hit the Hiking Trails 

Hiking doesn’t have to mean a strenuous workout. If there are children or elderly people in your group, a “hike” can be as simple as a leisurely nature stroll around camp. You could even combine this with the scavenger hunt idea above!

Roast S’mores

Nothing says camping activities quite like s’mores. Set up a s’mores bar with different candy and let everyone experiment with new variations. 

Hop on a Bike

Many campgrounds have bike paths, or you can even create an obstacle course at your own site. Plus, it’s easy to bring bicycles along on your camping trip if you’re renting an RV. Talk about a “wheelie” fun thing to do while camping!

Toss a Frisbee

A simple frisbee easily provides hours of fun things to do while camping. Kick it up a notch with a glow-in-the-dark frisbee and play at night!

Put Jigsaw Puzzles Together 

Puzzles are excellent for everyone, especially for rainy weather or if you’re looking for camping activities for toddlers. This activity offers a fun challenge and provides a good opportunity to focus on the task at hand. Pro tip: Pack a few extra Ziplock bags to collect stray puzzle pieces. 

Partake in Campfire Games

Before tucking the little ones in for the night and starting the adult camping activities, get everyone involved in a few lively campfire games. Classics such as 20 Questions, Truth or Dare and Telephone are always big hits. 

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Go Fishing

If you’re camping near a beach, river or lake, fishing is one of the best camping activities for adults and children alike. Pack some basic fishing gear or see if your campground has any available for rent.

Play Hide and Seek

The beauty of hide and seek is that you don’t need anything at all to play, and there’s no minimum or maximum number of people. Consider making it adults vs. kids or boys vs. girls for an added element of fun!

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