Festival Camping Tips for RVers

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Festival season is a time of excitement, anticipation, and adventure. As music lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, and wanderers gear up for their favorite events, those traveling in RVs have a special opportunity to blend comfort with festivity. 

Festival camping in an RV offers a unique experience, providing the freedom to explore, the convenience of home-on-wheels, and the camaraderie of fellow travelers. To ensure you make the most of your festival camping experience, we've compiled a comprehensive guide of 15 essential tips for RVers staying on concert grounds.

Top Festival Camping Tips

Taking an RV rental to a music festival is a fantastic way for festival-goers to enjoy their time. After jamming out all day to some of your favorite music artists, you can retreat to a comfortable, air-conditioned RV for a good night’s sleep.

Here are our top 15 festival camping tips for RVers attending music festivals this season. 

  1. Plan Ahead

Preparation is key to a successful festival camping trip. Research the festival grounds, campground layouts, and nearby amenities. Consider factors like distance from the main stage, availability of water hookups, and accessibility for your RV size. Making reservations well in advance can secure you a prime festival campsite close to the action.

  1. Pack Essentials

Stock up on essential supplies to last the duration of your trip. Beyond the basics like food, water, and toiletries, don't forget camping gear such as a tent, a sleeping bag, and camp chairs for outdoor lounging. Depending on the festival's amenities, you may need to bring extra power sources, like portable solar panels or a generator to your festival site.

  1. Stay Hydrated

Festivals often mean long hours spent outdoors, dancing and enjoying performances. It's crucial to stay hydrated, especially in hot weather. Bring plenty of water and consider investing in a portable water filtration system for refills. Freeze water bottles beforehand to keep your cooler cold, and have a few drinks throughout the day.

  1. Prepare for the Weather

Mother Nature can be unpredictable, so it's essential to be prepared for various conditions at festival campsites. Check the weather forecast before you depart and pack accordingly. Bring rain gear, sunscreen, hats, and extra layers for chilly nights. Awnings or canopies for your RV provide shade and protection from the elements.

  1. Create a Comfortable Outdoor Space

Enhance your festival camping experience by creating a cozy outdoor living space. Set up a campsite with rugs, outdoor lights, and comfortable seating areas. Consider bringing portable speakers to enjoy music outside your RV and contribute to the festival atmosphere.

  1. Practice Good Campsite Etiquette

Respect your other festival goers and the environment by practicing good campsite etiquette. Keep noise levels down during quiet hours, dispose of trash properly, and be mindful of your impact on the surroundings. Using reusable dishes and utensils can help minimize waste and reduce your environmental footprint.

  1. Stay Safe and Secure

Safety should always be a top priority when camping at festivals. Lock your RV when you're away and store valuables out of sight. Consider investing in additional security measures such as hitch locks or wheel clamps for added peace of mind. It's also a good idea to familiarize yourself with emergency procedures and the festival map.

  1. Stay Connected

While festivals are an opportunity to disconnect from the outside world, it's essential to stay connected in case of emergencies. Bring a charged cell phone and consider investing in a portable Wi-Fi hotspot for reliable internet access. Share your location with friends or family members and establish a meeting point in case you get separated.

  1. Plan for Meals

Festival days can be long and hectic, making it crucial to plan your meals ahead of time. Pack easy-to-prepare meals and snacks like sandwiches, granola bars, and fruit. Investing in a portable grill or camping stove allows you to cook hot meals at your campsite and enjoy a break from festival food vendors.

  1. Stay Flexible

Despite your best efforts to plan, festivals can be unpredictable, with changes to schedules, weather conditions, and logistics. Stay flexible and go with the flow, embracing the spontaneity and excitement of the festival experience. Be open to new experiences and opportunities for adventure.

  1. Know the Rules and Regulations

Familiarize yourself with the festival's rules and regulations regarding RV camping, parking, and amenities. Adhering to these guidelines ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone and helps maintain the festival's positive atmosphere.

  1. Stay Healthy and Rested

Festivals can be physically demanding, with long days and late nights filled with activity. Prioritize rest and self-care to stay healthy and energized throughout the weekend. Take breaks when needed, stay hydrated, and listen to your body's signals to avoid burnout.

  1. Embrace the Community Spirit

One of the most rewarding aspects of festival camping is the sense of community and camaraderie among fellow campers. Embrace the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, share stories and experiences, and make new friends along the way. Participating in communal activities and volunteering can further enrich your festival experience.

  1. Leave No Trace

As you pack up and prepare to leave the festival grounds, remember to leave no trace behind. Clean up your campsite thoroughly, dispose of trash properly, and leave the area better than you found it. By respecting the environment and minimizing your impact, you contribute to the sustainability of the festival and preserve its natural beauty for future generations.

  1. Reflect and Recharge

After the festival comes to an end and you return home, take time to reflect on your experience and recharge your batteries. Cherish the memories made, the connections forged, and the moments of joy and spontaneity that made the festival camping experience truly unforgettable. Use this time to rest, rejuvenate, and start planning your next adventure.

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