RV Camping Near Lory State Park


The geographical diversity of America means there is almost too much to explore, wherever you happen to go. In fact, the trouble is not with finding places to see, but deciding which place makes for the best possible or most beautiful experience imaginable. Luckily, some places stand out all on their own as top, all-around destinations, and one such place is Lory State Park near Fort Collins, Colorado.

Encompassing almost 2,500 acres, Lory State Park has something for everyone. Whether you want to swim in a lake or boat on the surface, birdwatch, hike a trail, or even hunt for wild animals, Lory State Park is a one-stop destination. Now, it’s time to have a look at the area — including Lory State Park RV parks — and prepare you for your incredible visit!

Lory State Park Facts

For residents of and frequent visitors to the Fort Collins area, Lory State Park is no mystery. But for RV travelers like yourself, it may be a new discovery. Take a look at these Lory State Park facts to begin to get to know this popular recreational highlight of Colorado.

  • Lory State Park was established in 1975.
  • The park was named after Dr. Charles Lory, an early settler in the Fort Collins area and a former president of the Colorado Agricultural College (what would become Colorado State University).
  • Over 175 species of both resident and migratory birds live in the Lory State Park area.
  • Bears, mountain lions, bobcats, coyotes, raccoons, red foxes, ground squirrels, and more are some of the wildlife you may encounter at Lory State Park.
  • Lory State Park is located on the northwest shore of Horsetooth Reservoir, popular for recreational boating, fishing, and swimming (in designated areas).

Now that you know a little more about the park, let’s move on to the best RV camping near Lory State Park!

Best Lory State Park RV Parks and Campgrounds

There are no RV campgrounds in Lory State Park itself, but for travelers with an RV rental, Lory State Park is still quite accessible. Thanks to the numerous choices visitors like you have for RV camping near Lory State Park you’re sure to find a great home base. Read on to discover more about these Lory State Park RV sites, and how to book them for your next road trip!

Fort Collins/Lakeside KOA Holiday

Amenities: The whole family is bound to enjoy amenities like mini golf, bumper and paddle boating, and a jumping pad at Fort Collins/Lakeside KOA Holiday. The number of sites with full hookups make this one of the more spacious Lory State Park RV campgrounds. Plus, it’s well-situated to visit any of the area’s attractions, with Lory State Park, Poudre Canyon, and Colorado State University all just short drives away.

Capacity: 160 RV sites

More Information: Fort Collins/Lakeside KOA Holiday

Horsetooth Reservoir, South Bay Campground

Amenities: If your ideal Lory State Park RV camping experience includes waking up lakeside, then this is the RV site for you. If you’re all set with an RV rental, Lory State Park is a short drive away. And if you’re also the sort of camper who likes to get out on the water with a boat, you have access here. You have to pay $9 plus a camping fee, but with the water and full hookups, you’ll likely feel you’ve gotten quite a bargain for what’s on offer!

Capacity: 125 RV sites

More Information: Horsetooth Reservoir, South Bay Campground

Mountain Park Campground - Roosevelt National Forest

Amenities: Located on the banks of the Cache la Poudre River — Colorado’s first river to be named a National Wild and Scenic River — this RV park has full hookups, volleyball and basketball courts, horseshoe pits, and a playground. These amenities make it one of the more family-friendly sites for RV camping near Lory State Park, and the whole family can get in on opportunities of wildlife viewing or birding while you’re there!

Capacity: 30 RV sites

More Information: Mountain Park Campground - Roosevelt National Forest

Ansel Watrous Campground

Amenities: This Lory State Park RV camping option is close to the highway yet also next to the Cache la Poudre River, making it a perfect place to stay if you’re interested in whitewater rafting or fishing. If riparian pursuits aren’t your thing, you still have the opportunity to go hiking, biking, or even horseback riding on nearby trails. You won’t find hookups, but you will find nature!

Capacity: 17 RV sites

More Information: Ansel Watrous Campground

Loveland RV Resort

Amenities: Located to the south of Fort Collins, in Loveland, this RV resort is a comfortable option for RV camping near Lory State Park. With over 150 full hookup RV sites, a game room, a swimming pool, a dog park, and laundry facilities, this is one of the RV parks near Lory State Park that families may be especially drawn to. Also, a big draw is the fact that none of the other RV parks near Lory State Park have as large a tree canopy as Loveland RV Resort.

Capacity: 156 RV sites

More Information: Loveland RV Resort

Best Time To Visit Lory State Park for RV Camping

No matter what plans you have in mind, Mother Nature usually has ideas of her own that can scuttle yours. When considering the best time to visit Lory State Park, it’s smart to get to know what different seasons hold in store, so you can work with — rather than against — the weather!


Throughout most of December, January, and February, you’ll have to bundle up, seeing as how winter temperatures barely make it above the 40s Fahrenheit during the day. Overnight lows usually dip well into the 20s. Snow won’t fall as often as you would think, leaving trails open to explore. And when those trails are covered in snow? It’s time to try your hands (and legs) at cross-country skiing!


For good reason, many visitors (and nearby Fort Collins residents) consider spring to be the best time to visit Lory State Park. From highs in the low 50s in March to the high 60s in May, spring gives visitors a chance to finally enjoy some of the warmer-weather activities offered at Lory State Park. Spring is a great time to enjoy the variety of hiking, biking, and horseback riding trails at the park.


Those wanting up-close-and-personal access to Horsetooth Reservoir must pass through Lory State Park, so parking may be a chore — and, so may finding a nearby RV campground — in summer. Temperatures usually don’t go much higher than the upper 80s in summer, which means you can enjoy the heat or escape it at your leisure, without experiencing much in the way of extremes.


If the idea of hiking a trail in the midst of blazing autumn leaf colors sounds romantic to you, then fall is when you’ll want to visit Lory State Park. Highs hovering in the low 80s in September make way for the cooler mid-60s temperatures in October and the low 50s of November. The lower temperatures mean the summer crowds are months behind you!

Things To Do in Lory State Park

Lory State Park is a great place for all sorts of outdoorsy people to keep themselves busy. What follows is a (not at all exhaustive) list of things to do in Lory State Park:

  • Boating. Horsetooth Reservoir is located on the eastern border of Lory State Park, and is where you’ll be if you’re into kayaking, canoeing, rafting, or simply taking your boat out on the water.
  • Hiking and Biking. There are over 26 miles of hiking trails and over 21 miles of biking trails at Lory State Park for hikers and cyclists of all skill levels.
  • Fishing. Lory State Park offers anglers year-round access to Horsetooth Reservoir’s Quarry, North/South Eltuck, Orchard, Soldier, and Satanka Coves for fishing of smallmouth bass, perch, walleye, and trout (among other species).
  • Rock Climbing. Bring your gear and get to climbing Arthur’s Rock or other granitic rocks in the area, with varying amounts of existing climbs.
  • Hunting. From the Tuesday after Labor Day until the Tuesday prior to Memorial Day, hunting with both a license and day/annual pass is allowed at Lory State Park.

Tips for Visiting Lory State Park

Now that you know about some things to do in Lory State Park, it’s time to introduce you to some of the fine print about any visit. These particular Lory State Park facts are the sort you need to know, so pay attention!

  • The Lory State Park Visitor Center is where you’ll want to start, to get any required passes or hunting/fishing licenses.
  • If you’re going hiking or mountain biking, have a look at the Lory State Park Facebook page or the Colorado Trail Explorer (COTREX) page to check conditions.
  • Going fishing in Horsetooth Reservoir? You’re gonna need a license for that, and you’ll want to check fishing conditions before you cast any lines.
  • If you’re going hunting, you need a license to do so, and you must check in at the Visitor Center. Wear a blaze orange vest while out hunting for both large and small game.
  • There is a 25 mph speed limit when driving through Lory State Park.

RV Rental for Lory State Park

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