Where to Get an RV Propane Refill

When you’re planning an RV road trip, there is a lot you must consider. As your upcoming journey begins to take shape, you’ll likely research whether your RV campground will have full hookups, partial, or none at all. While everyone knows the importance of full hookups in terms of supplying RVs with electricity and water, not everyone is aware of the importance of propane in keeping your RV running smoothly and comfortably for the duration of your trip. 

The fact of the matter is, no RV trip can go off without a hitch without the help of propane. Read on to learn why propane is so important to RV travelers, what kinds of tanks there are, and where you can fill up those propane tanks when you need to!

Why You Need Propane

Why does your RV need propane? Propane is used to heat up water for cooking on the stove, fuels the furnace that heats up water for showering and heating, and is even often needed for powering your refrigerator when no electric hookups are available. 

A full propane tank is not just something your RV should have for your trip; it’s something you must have for your RV trip to be successful… even if it is only being used as a backup energy supply.

Types of Propane Tanks

If you have a fixed (ASME) propane tank, this means you have no choice: You can’t fill it up without bringing your RV to the refill station. This is the kind of propane tank usually found on a motorized RV, and it’s best to ensure it’s been filled up before parking and setting up camp.

However, if you have a towable trailer, you’ll likely have a removable propane tank (a DOT cylinder). Depending on its size, you might be able to fit it in your main vehicle and refill it prior to your trip — or even head out to a refill station while camping, leaving your RV behind.

How To Find Propane Refill Stations

When you’re out and about in your RV, you may have other things on your mind, especially if you’ve filled up your propane tank before leaving. Still, it’s good to know where you can get an RV propane refill if you need one.

Retail Stores

If you absentmindedly headed out on the road before remembering to fill your propane tank, then you can likely count on being able to fill up with propane at certain retail stores, like ACE Hardware. 

These stores will be dotted along the route, so at any given point on the journey, you have this option. Still, if you can, call an upcoming location ahead of time to be sure they have propane!


Some RV campgrounds will have general stores with the capability to refill propane tanks. If you don’t mind paying a premium compared to other options, then you can make use of this amenity. Keep in mind that not all campgrounds are equipped to refill propane tanks, so this option should be considered a last resort. 

Travel Stops

Travel, or truck stops are some of the most common and convenient places for an RV propane refill. Truck stops are a major resource for propane, with the capacity to handle many different vehicles and travelers at once. Travel stops also are much more convenient space-wise for an RV propane refill if your tank is fixed to the motorhome.

Small Businesses

Depending on where you are, you might not have access to major hardware retail stores. You need not worry about running out of propane, though, since many local hardware or general stores offer propane tank refills — especially in areas where camping is popular. You can also usually refill your propane tank and fuel up your car at local gas stations for a modest fee.

Additional Resources

In these modern times, the ubiquity of smartphones and GPS systems means there are many ways to find RV propane refill stations on the go. You can download apps to your phone that help you find propane refill stations, or you can use map apps (Google Maps, Waze, and so on) that will often show which gas stations have propane refill capacity and their locations. 

In the event you don’t want to download any more apps, you can simply Google search “propane near (your location)” in your browser to find a place to fill up. 

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