RV Safety Tips for First-time RVers

RV trips are the adventure of a lifetime! This is partly true because driving an RV is a little more involved than driving your typical car. Before heading out in your first RV rental, consider these RV safety tips. 

Do Your Homework

Cruise America RV rentals are relatively easy to drive. They have limited swing back and forth, much like a U-Haul or box truck. But there are little things that are different from regular cars that are important to know. Learn the ins and outs of your RV rental by watching our renter’s orientation video before you go. 

Conduct a Walk Around

Before you hit the road, do a walk-through and routine safety check to ensure everything is turned off, closed tightly and working properly. Be sure doors are tightly latched, steps and awnings are put away and double check to make sure your tow bar and safety cables are properly attached. If you cooked recently, make sure your stove and oven burners are shut off. Disconnect all power, water and sewer lines. And lastly, check your fluid levels, air pressure and lights. Make it a routine to inspect every part of your RV rental before heading out.
cruise-america-rv-rental-safety-tips3-(1).jpgMake sure all luggage is secure and portable grills are totally cold before heading out in your RV rental.

Drive Cautiously

Always drive slowly and carefully in your RV. Not only is this essential for your safety, but it will give you the peace of mind to take in the sights and enjoy the journey to your destination. Keep in mind that driving an RV is not the same as driving a car because RVs are significantly wider, heavier and longer. Drive slowly to allow yourself plenty of time to react. Breaking will take longer, so decrease your speed and always leave plenty of space between your RV and the vehicle in front of you. Be aware of your surroundings, too. You will have to take wide turns, so watch for low bridges and be especially careful when merging. 

cruise-america-rv-rental-safety-tips2-(1).jpgPay special attention when driving an RV, as it will have blind spots and weight you are not used to. 


Check the Weather

When driving in inclement weather conditions, just remember that your vehicle is going to perform a little differently than your average car. For example, it will take a longer to slow down than what you are used to, important to remember when roads are wet or potentially icy. You might consider waiting out weather conditions like high winds, snow or fog.

cruise-america-rv-rental-safety-tips5-(1).pngBe especially cautious while driving in inclement weather in your RV rental.
Photo by Wes Hicks on Unsplash


Plan Your Arrival

Whether you’re RV camping or tent camping, it’s best to get to your campsite before sunset. It’s easier to get settled in and prevents you from having to set up in the dark.  

Have Safety Plans in Place

In the event something doesn’t go as planned, be sure to have a backup plan in place. If you’re renting from other companies, purchase RV insurance and have a phone number ready to go if you need roadside assistance. Finally, keep an emergency kit stored in your RV. This will include a variety of important items such as food, water, clothing, flashlights and a first aid kit.

If you’re renting one of our campervans, we provide various resources to make sure you will feel safe and secure on the road.  For increased coverage, at a nominal fee, you can upgrade to our Zero Deductible Policy. Cruise America provides a 24-hour toll free travelers assistance line to help you get back on the road as soon as possible. And troubleshooting videos are available to every renter through our Cruise America app

See our Renter’s Resources page for more info on these amenities. 


These are just a few RV safety tips to keep in mind when using your RV rental. Practicing these tips will help ensure you are prepared for the journey of a lifetime in your RV rental from Cruise America