Best 11 Stargazing Locations in Florida to Camp Near


Gaze into the night skies, and you’ll find yourself appreciating the mysterious wonders surrounding our universe. Yes, we’re talking about stargazing — exploring celestial bodies under a clear night sky. If you find yourself in the great state of Florida (the Sunshine State), then you’re in luck! Florida’s pleasant weather and natural environment make it an alluring attraction for a stargazing adventure. Continue reading this informative guide to learn more about simple stargazing practices, the best locations for stargazing in Florida, and campgrounds nearby.

Make the Most of Your Stargazing Trip

To ensure that you make the most out of your stargazing Florida adventure, follow these simple stargazing tips.

  • Turn off all your lights since light pollution makes it difficult to observe celestial objects.
  • Make yourself comfortable by sitting on a blanket or a mat.
  • Consider using either Google Sky (android app) or Star Walk (iPhone app) to discover what stars lie within your visibility!
  • Make sure you stargaze before a full moon since its illumination can make it difficult to view any celestial objects.
  • Use a star spotter guide to locate a particular constellation. 

These tips will set you up nicely for your first stargazing adventure!

Best Locations for Stargazing in Orlando

Despite its high levels of light pollution coupled with light displays from amusement parks, visitors can still experience a vibrant stargazing Orlando experience at several locations. 

Orlando Science Center

Those with a passion for nighttime observation can visit the Orlando Science Center, home to multiple exhibits, halls, workshops, and annual events. For an interactive experience, you can use the center’s 10-inch refractor telescope and explore in-depth much of what our galaxy has to offer. You can’t ask for a more breathtaking celestial experience than this!


Harmony is an unincorporated community recognized by the Dark Sky Association for its efforts to mitigate light pollution. For stargazing opportunities, visitors can treat themselves to the town’s annual Dark Sky Festival events to learn more about the night sky with astronomers and about the wildlife that thrives in the dark!

Lake Apopka

Located 30 minutes away from Orlando, Lake Apopka offers a vibrant stargazing experience in a remote area. The surrounding area comprises 30,000 acres, which provides visitors with hiking and biking opportunities. It’s a great way to relish the night sky and explore some natural beauty at the same time.

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Best Locations for Stargazing in Gainesville

Similar to Orlando, the city of Gainesville also offers opportunities for stargazing in Florida. For an “authentic” nighttime viewing experience, check out the following stargazing Gainesville attractions.

Grady House

While some stargazers seek wide-open natural areas, Grady House offers an alternative non-conventional practice for those seeking a bed and breakfast venue. For the best nighttime viewing experience, check out the hotel’s balcony or its landscaped backyard that comes with gardens, a koi pond, and a bamboo grove.

Department of Astronomy: University of Florida

The University of Florida has an astronomy department where visitors receive free access to public events on Fridays. You can interact with department members, learn more about astronomy, and even observe celestial activity through one of their Cassegrain telescopes. 

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Best Locations for Stargazing in Miami

Known as the “Magic City'' because of its rapid growth, Miami is a cultural phenomenon that attracts tourists for its lively city atmosphere. The best stargazing Miami locations will be located outside the city.

North Beach

Spend a day exploring North Beach, and you’ll discover that this location is well-suited for outdoor adventures, including stargazing. You can walk, bike, and explore diverse cuisine. Best of all, visitors can find several secluded spots around the beach to gaze into the night sky.

Matheson Hammock Park

Matheson Hammock Park is a perfect stargazing location for those seeking open spaces in the vicinity of beautiful waterside views. In addition to serving as a prime nighttime viewing spot, Matheson also consists of a full-service marina, nature trails, and a tranquil beach. 

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Best Locations for Stargazing in Tampa

Operating as the economic center of Western Florida, Tampa is a city well-suited for adventurers and vacationing families. Here are some of the hottest stargazing Tampa spots.

East Beach

East Beach is located 40 minutes away from Tampa and provides excellent stargazing views. It’s the perfect destination for visitors in need of a vacation with mesmerizing ocean views coupled with nighttime views that soothe your psyche.

Linda Pedersen Park

Drive one hour north of Tampa and you’ll come across Linda Pedersen Park, a recreational area with a playground, picnic tables, and a kayak launch. For a mesmerizing stargazing experience, look for the Dawn Observation Tower, which stands at 40 feet tall, giving you an all-access stargazing experience with no nearby distractions. 

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Best Locations for Stargazing in Jacksonville

Jacksonville, also known as “Jax” by the locals, offers over 850 square miles of beaches and vibrant cultural attractions. Continue reading to learn more about the best stargazing Jacksonville spots.

Northeast Florida Astronomical Society 

The Northeast Florida Astronomical Society offers multiple opportunities for guests to view the night skies via their public stargazing events. Most of these events occur at Hanna Park, where NEFAS volunteers instruct guests on using stargazing equipment. It’s a great chance to engage with others and learn more about astronomy.

Sante Fe River

What makes Sante Fe River stand out compared to other stargazing Florida spots is its “full moon paddles.” Simply check in with a guide, and you’ll have the opportunity to paddle under the stars while viewing the nocturnal wildlife inhabiting the river. 

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