Best 11 Stargazing Locations in Texas to Camp Near


It’s hard to imagine sometimes. But, behind the inky black of the night sky, thousands of brilliant stars are visible to the naked eye. Their shining light, the result of a 680-year journey to Earth, is a gift beyond measure. 

The problem is it’s not always so easy to see them.

So, in this list of the best locations to go stargazing in Texas, you’ll get plenty of options to witness the miracle of the stars, unimpeded by the light pollution of your typical Texas city. Take a ride out to any location below to make the mysteries of space feel a whole lot closer.

Make the Most of Your Stargazing Texas Trip

Whether you’re a stargazing veteran or just planning your first night under the stars, it can be useful to have a few tips and tricks under your sleeve. Before you start planning, check out these tips to keep in mind.

  • Consider a fall or winter trip. Nights are more clear in these colder months and fog won’t linger as long.
  • Learn how to take star photos. Snapping pics at night can be tricky. Get a few pointers in our guide to better star photos
  • Open up a star map. Find a star map or try a tool like EarthSky Tonight to learn how to spot stars and constellations. Knowing what you’re seeing makes stargazing even more fun!
  • Find dark sites. Less light pollution = a more beautiful view. This list of dark sites is full of parks that offer spectacular views of the night sky.
  • Pack some binoculars. The naked eye is enough to enjoy a brilliant, starry sky. But binoculars come in handy when you’d like a closer view.

Ready to hit the road? Read on to find the best places to go stargazing in Texas!

Best Locations for Stargazing in Austin

Amidst the bustling noise and hustle of the Texas capital, there are a few secret getaways that allow you to view the breathtaking night sky. Don’t miss out on these three ideal spots for Austin stargazing.

Inks Lake State Park

Enjoying the Great Outdoors has never been easier at Inks Lake State Park. This park just an hour outside of Austin makes a stargazing getaway possible for any schedule. Inks Lake Campground offers a brilliant view inside the park itself along with plenty of amenities to spend the weekend under the stars. 

City of Elgin

Even though it’s just a 30-minute drive away, the charming City of Elgin seems much farther from the brighter lights of Austin. This is a local favorite to spot the stars. Head down Highway 95, pull over near some quiet farmland, and look up!

Mansfield Dam

The wide-open skies above dams make an ideal place to see the stars. Mansfield Dam is conveniently located in Austin but away from the brightest lights at the city’s center. It’s a popular spot too, so you’ll be able to meet other stargazers while you take in the view!

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Best Locations for Stargazing in Houston

We’re headed to eastern Texas next for some of the best Houston stargazing locations.

Galveston Island State Park

Galveston Island State Park is an exciting coastal locale with plenty to see and do before the stars come out. The area next to the beach is lively and bright, so set up camp at the Galveston Island Campground for a darker view as the sun sets.

Brazos Bend State Park

Brazos Bend State Park is the most popular spot in Houston for stargazing. Spend time camping beside the Brazos River for the best views of the starry sky. This dark, remote destination offers one of the best spots for Texas stargazing. 

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Best Locations for Stargazing in Dallas

Take a drive out north for the best stargazing in Dallas with these two charming destinations.

Cooper Lake State Park

Cooper Lake State Park is a good balance of convenience and darkness for stargazing in Dallas. It’s a 90-minute drive out and features an RV park with full hookups and amenities. Book a campsite at Cooper Lake to admire the skies in comfort.

Lakewood Village

For something a little closer to Dallas, check out Lakewood Village. This dark sky location is just 40 minutes away from downtown Dallas, combining the nearby fun of the city with a clear view of the night sky. It’s an excellent choice for a shorter trip with the family.


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Best Locations for Stargazing in San Antonio


Marvel at the night sky at these stunning San Antonio stargazing destinations. 

Lost Maples State Park

About an hour away from San Antonio, Lost Maples State Park is the perfect spot for a rustic and secluded Texas stargazing trip. Camp in the park itself or stay at Medina Highpoint RV Park for an elevated view of the night sky.

Enchanted Rock State Park

Here’s a park that takes its stargazing seriously. You’ll find every accommodation you need, including a guide to stargazing, at Enchanted Rock State Park. This is the perfect spot to learn more about stargazing in San Antonio as you take in the star-filled sky above you.

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Best Locations for Stargazing in Fort Worth


Rounding out our list of the best stargazing locations in Texas are these two destinations around the Fort Worth area.

Dinosaur Valley State Park

Walk in the footsteps of dinosaurs at this park 60 minutes away from Fort Worth. You’ll have the chance to spot ancient footprints in the riverbed and partake in the other fun-filled activities that Dinosaur Valley State Park offers. Stay at Dinosaur Valley RV sites to enjoy an unpolluted night sky.

The Planetarium of UT Arlington

The University of Texas’ planetarium is a wonderful way to get in some Texas stargazing and learn more about space while you do. It’s a great choice for kids and adults alike! And don’t forget to prepare for your visit ahead of time by checking out the stargazing Youtube series this planetarium offers!

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