Cruise America’s 50th Anniversary: 50 Things to Know About Us


Cruise America has been around for 50 years, and that means we've accumulated a lot of experience and knowledge. We're happy to share what we've learned with you.

50 Things to Know About Cruise America - And What We Know!

Here are 50 different things you may or may not know — many of them may be of great help to you when planning your next great RV road trip in a Cruise America RV rental!

1. Cruise America is Family-Owned.

Yes, there’ve been some changes throughout the decades since 1972… but at our core, Cruise America has always been a family-owned business. 

2. We Were Founded in Mesa, Arizona, and Remain Here Today!

We don’t imagine there’s a better place to be than here

3. We’re All Over the United States and Canada

Cruise America has 132 locations in 33 states and five Canadian provinces. Not too shabby, eh?

4. We’re Kind of a Big Deal.

Just FYI, we have a lock on about 52% of the U.S. RV rental operations market. 

5. Have You Ever Been Talked About in the LA Times?

Well, we have! Here’s the Los Angeles Times talking about Cruise America and RV travelers’ response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

6. We’re Known for Our RV Rentals…

What are you looking for? Large? Standard? Compact? Travel Trailer? Have a look at our RV rentals!

7. …And, We Also Sell Refurbished Pre-Owned RVs!

Don’t want to rent, just want to buy? Then go with Cruise America — here’s why!

8. Don’t Know Where To Go? We Can Help!

If you’re looking for places to go, we have some suggestions and travel ideas — oh, and our list of RV destinations just keeps on growing!

9. You Know What’s Also Growing? Our Instagram Presence!

We have more than 50,000 followers on Instagram now… are you one of them? Come on, the more, the merrier! 

10. On Facebook? So Are We!

Cruise America is followed by nearly 74,000 people on Facebook. There must be a good reason for that!

11. We’re Celebrating 50 Years with 50 Different Prize Winners!

To celebrate our 50th birthday, over a span of 50 weeks (from July 1, 2022, to June 15, 2023), we’re giving 50 different Grand Prize winners $500 in trip credit. How’s that sound? Visit Cruise America to learn more about and enter the #50Trips50Years promotion!

12. Like To Take Pics and Vids? Share Them for a Chance To Win Trip Credit Each Month!

When you’re out on an RV adventure, share your photos and videos for a shot at $500 for your next trip! Be sure you’re following the @CruiseAmericaRV Instagram account, then tag us in a post and include the hashtags #BeThereNow and #OutThere for a chance to win!

13. We Really Rely on Our Community of “Cruisers”

“Cruisers” are our community members, and you know what? We couldn’t do any of this without you! Thank you!

14. Ever Wonder What It’s Like To Visit the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas in an RV?

Two “Cruisers,” Dominic and Lauriane, did exactly that!

15. Worried About Spending Too Much on an RV Camping Trip?

You’re not the only one, but here are some tips to help you save money while on your next RVing adventure! 

16. We’re Pet-Friendly and Proud of It!

An RV road trip wouldn’t be the same without your furry family members. Have a look at some places you can take them in your Cruise America RV rental!

17. We’re Happy To Share Lots of Information about the RV Lifestyle With You!

What’s RV life like? Let us show you!

18. For Example: Need To Know How Much It Might Cost To Fill Up an RV?

Gas prices concern us all; how much will it hit you and your Cruise America RV rental? Not to worry; we’ve got you covered!

19. How Does a Seafood Meal Sound When Camping?

Sounds pretty good, right? Well, here are some seafood recipes we found for you to cook by a campfire!

20. In Search of the Most Beautiful Mountain Vistas?

We’ve done mountains of research on mountains and know just where you should go to see America’s most beautiful mountains on your next RV road trip. 

21. Perhaps Sea-Level Vacays Are More Your Thing?

Unsurprisingly, Cruise America also knows a lot about various campgrounds for beach lovers

22. Would You Like To Go Chasing Waterfalls?

There’s no need to stick to the rivers and lakes that you’re used to; Cruise America knows the best spots across the country to see waterfalls galore

23. Having Trouble Deciding Between National Parks in the U.S.?

There are over 400 national park sites in the U.S., but we know which national parks are the best to visit in a Cruise America RV rental! 

24. Oh, and We Know a Lot About Vegas, Too!

Everyone should visit Las Vegas at least once in their life; if you go in an RV, we know exactly where you should stay!

25. On the Fence About Buying Your Own RV?

Here’s what Cruise thinks first-time RV owners need to know before taking the plunge. 

26. We Can Answer Any Questions You Have About Buying an RV.

Seriously, we have so many RV buyer resources for you to check out. 

27. So, You’re Actually Buying an RV — Is New or Used Better for You?

It makes sense that you want the most bang for your buck. Here are some things we want you to consider about buying a new versus a used RV. 

28. What If You’re a Senior in the Market for an RV?

Cruise America can help you figure out which RV would be the best for you! 

29. You Have an RV… But How To Make the Most of Your Space?

If you’re wondering about how to efficiently use the limited storage space in an RV, wonder no more — we have the answers you need! 

30. Did We Mention We’re a Great Resource for Making Coffee While RV Camping?

Don’t believe us? Well, have a look — once you’re fully awake, of course!

31. Want To Know How To Make Fridge-Free Meals in an RV?

Yeah, we can help you out with figuring out great RV meals that make the most of smaller spaces!

32. Want To Link Up With Other Seniors Living the RV Lifestyle? 

Full-time RV life is adventurous, but honestly, it can get lonely out there — here’s how seniors can build a community of their own out on the road! 

33. We’re Experts on How To Stay Clean While RV Camping

Read up on how to shower and stay cleaned up while camping in an RV; you’re welcome! 

34. We Can Help You Learn RV Camping Life Lingo 

There’s a lot of vocabulary specific to the RV life, but we can help you navigate all the terminology out there! 

35. How Much Do You Know About RV Electrical Hookups?

A little bit of a humble brag here — we know a lot about RV electrical hookups, and we brought the receipts to prove it! 

36. Do You Know What Grey Water is in an RV? We Do! 

You can know a lot more about it, too, after you read our guide to what grey water in an RV is and why/how you need to remove it! 

37. Do You Know the Height Clearance of Your RV?

Read this guide to RV height clearance we wrote for you to learn why knowing your rig’s height clearance can be very important while on the road! 

38. We Know Everyone Travels Differently 

Sometimes, one-way RV rentals just make more sense; here’s why you might want to consider such options for yourself! 

39. Speaking of Traveling Differently — Did You Know Cruise Has Travel Trailers for Rent?

If you have a truck of your own, why not look into renting one of our Adventure Travel Trailers?

40. Don’t Know Much About Travel Trailers?

That’s okay; we have all the knowledge you’ll need, and we’re happy to pass along to you what we know about travel trailers

41. Should You Buy a Travel Trailer?

That’s up to you, of course; but, here are our thoughts on whether or not buying a travel trailer might be right for you! 

42. Do You Know How To Hitch Up a Travel Trailer?

No worries if you don’t; Cruise America does! Let us show you the ins and outs of hitching up your travel trailer rental! 

43. Have You Ever Thought About Living Full-Time in an RV?

Cruise America has given a lot of thought to what life might be like as a full-time RV resident, and we’re happy to share those thoughts with you

44. Worried About How You’ll Make Money Living Full Time in an RV?

Living in an RV means you can embrace the work-from-home life to the max, wherever you are. Here are a few ideas Cruise has on how to earn money while making your life in an RV

45. We Can Help You Choose an RV for Full-Time Living

Here’s a handy guide for how to choose an RV to live in full-time! 

46. Are You Up on Your RV Campground Etiquette?

Whether you’re living full-time in an RV or just passing through while on a road trip, here are some RV campsite etiquette tips we believe you should follow. 

47. There’s More Than One Way To Go Glamping — We Know All About It!

Look, roughing it isn’t for everyone. That’s why Cruise America wrote a guide for how to go glamping and elevate your RV experience! 

48. We’re Working Hard To Keep You Informed

There’s a lot to know when renting, buying, and traveling in RVs, but we’re doing our best to keep you informed of all you need to know

49. By the Way, We’re Easy To Get Ahold Of!

You can visit our site, or give us a call at 1.800.671.8042

50. Don’t Forget to Read Our Blog!

We have so much information on RV life and RV destinations. Use our blog as your first resource when planning your next RV trip!

We’re Committed To Being Here for You for the Next 50 Years

Since 1972, Cruise America has grown into North America’s biggest RV renter and dealer. We know that comes with a lot of responsibility, so we’re committed to being here for you for the next 50 years, just as we were for the past 50. 

Come on, get in touch with Cruise America today. Let’s go RV road tripping together!