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Long Island

With a view across the East River to the city, an RV rental in Long Island is a neat way to experience New York City without actually being in the middle of it. In fact, most visitors aren’t aware that Long Island is in fact part of New York City. The easiest way to grasp this fun fact is by realizing that Brooklyn and Queens are part of the island. Now that you’re aware of the geographical characteristics of Long Island, let’s explore more of the attractions, adventures, and fun facts that Long Island has to offer.

While you may feel like you’ve been exiled from New York City, don’t worry, you’re not. There are 9 bridges and 13 tunnels that lead to the city. Therefore, you’re easily within reach of the city and all that is has to offer. Now, before you make your way into the city, let’s make sure you’ve checked off all there is to do on The Island.

For starters, pizza. It is a well-known, at least for those that live on the island, that the Pizza in Long Island is better than that of Manhattan. Now, the people of Manhattan may not get along with this, but most of the residents on Long Island are Italian, which naturally means better pizza.

Professional football is also a big thing on the island. While neither the Jets or Giants play on Long Island, the fans are still everywhere. You can expect to run into any of those fans while walking around town, as there is no specific segment of the island that claims either sports team.

Great beaches are another big win for the city of Long Island. Park your RV near the beach and walk down to feel the sand between your toes. There’s no better feeling than escaping the chaos of the city to enjoy the calm serenity that the beach offers.

Okay, now you’re good to head over to Manhattan. Jump in your Cruise America RV and take one of the bridges into the city. You’ll find endless amounts of things to do in the city. Check out our RV rentals in New York City or go ahead and book your RV rental in Long Island. Either way, we’re here to help you get the wheels rolling!