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There are many different reasons that Tennessee is the perfect place to rent an RV. Stretching 440 miles from east to west and 120 miles from north to south, the state has six different regions. Here are some highlights from each region that you will want to visit while camping in Tennessee in your Cruise America RV rental.

Blue Ridge - Eastern Tennessee is part of the Blue Ridge Mountain range bordering North Carolina. The Great Smoky Mountains, the Snowbird Mountains and the Chilhowee Mountains are all parts of this part of the state. Gatlinburg is one of the largest cities in this region, and there are plenty of things to do there including Ripley`s Gatlinburg Aquarium, Gatlinburg Sky Lift and visiting the Ole Candy Kitchen. The Chilhowee Mountains are full of amazing outdoor activities like rafting, ziplining and hiking making it a great place to beat the summer heat. Boone Lake is a popular spot for mountain biking and playing disc golf.

Appalachian Ridge and Valley Region- Ever since Daniel Boone discovered this region in 1775, it has remained a popular tourist destination. While it is only 55 miles wide, the region better known as the Cumberland Gap has plenty for motorhome campers to see and do. The Cumberland Gap National Historical Park offers many exciting miles of hiking trails, historical tours of the Hensley Settlement and a cave just begging to be explored. This small area of the state has many unique shops to visit, outstanding artist galleries to explore and great places to eat. During most years, the trees put on a colorful display in this region that is often called the Gateway to the West.

Appalachian Plateau - Often called the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee, this area is the largest timbered plateau in America. Rand McNally`s Places Rated Retirement Guide chose this area as the fourth best place to retire in America. As you drive your motorhome rental up the roads, you will feel like you are going to the top of the world as you pass the beautiful green pine trees mixed with other species. The area is also home to some gorgeous waterfalls that can often be reached with just a short hike. There is also plenty to do inside like watching a play at the Cumberland County Playhouse or seeing the model railroad exhibit at the Crossville Model Railroad facility.

Highland Rim - It is easy to see why readers of Southern Living Magazine voted state parks in this region the best in all the Southeastern United States. Fall Creek Falls is the tallest waterfall in the eastern half of the United States. There are plenty of great fishing holes and places to reconnect with nature. There are plenty of places to play golf or visit the area`s numerous historical sites. Consider camping in your motorhome rental near the Buffalo River, which is the longest unimpeded river in the state. This river is an outstanding place to canoe or kayak.

Nashville Basin- Lying at the heart of the Highland Rim is the Nashville Basin. Over 14.5 million people visit Nashville every year, and there are many reasons that you should consider an RV rental here. See the Grand Ole Opry and hear some of the best country music in the world performed. Music Row and the Country Music Hall of Fame invite you to come visit them. Tour Andrew Jackson`s home and other mansions including Belle Meade Plantation and the Belmont Mansion. The variety of architectural viewable in this quickly growing community is astounding.

Gulf Coastal Plain- The Gulf Coastal Plain is found in the very western part of the state, and it offers many wonderful things to do. When you complete an RV rental to camp in this region, you will find a unique blend of rural friendliness and can-do attitude. Your family will enjoy playing at the 70,000-square-foot Discovery Park containing lots of fun hands-on science, historical buildings and open green spaces or take them to see Wolf River`s unique cypress ecosystem. Memphis offers many great places to dine.

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