The Perks of One-Way RV Rentals


Can You Rent an RV One Way?

With Cruise America, the answer is yes! Getting an RV rental one-way is not always possible with other RV rental companies, but it’s one of the things that sets us apart from the pack. One-way RV rentals provide the flexibility many travelers are looking for when it comes to road-tripping. 

Sometimes, RV travelers may want to fly back after several weeks on the road driving cross-country. They may want to get across the country in comfort and style but plan on staying put for several months. In these cases, one-way RV rentals are super convenient!

One-Way RV Rental Benefits

So, what are the benefits of getting an RV rental one-way? Indeed, there are several reasons why one-way RV rentals are commonly sought out. Here are some of the top reasons people prefer this method of travel. 

RVs Work for Unique Vacation Plans

People’s vacation plans are often unique, so RV rentals should work with a variety of travel plans. Perhaps you want to take a cross-country trip… but don’t want the hassle of driving all the way back to your starting point. Maybe you’re looking to do only one leg of your journey by RV. And it’s possible you just want to take the scenic route on the way home from a business trip. Whatever your unique plans, one-way RV rentals are an affordable, fun, and convenient way to make them possible. 

You Can Save Time on Travel

While there is something to be said about joy in the journey, we recognize that a lot of our customers only have so much time off to spend on vacation each year. With a one-way RV rental, our patrons can enjoy the sights in one direction and save those return-trip days for another vacation later in the year by flying home. 

You Get a Great Bang for Your Buck

For many dream trips, like an RV tour of the American South, a round-trip RV rental is the perfect way to go, because there are great things to see all along the loop. But some trips just make more sense in one direction, like an epic surfing vacation along the Pacific Coast Highway. A one-way RV rental, coupled with a convenient and affordable flight home, lets you focus your vacation days on enjoying just the sights on your must-see list.

You Can Try Out RV Travel

If you’re nervous about taking a road trip in an RV, a one-way RV rental might be the right choice for you. This way, you can try it out, get to your destination, enjoy RV camping at a state or national park, then fly home. It can give you a taste of what RV travel is all about without the commitment of driving back home. Then, you’ll know how much you enjoyed RV travel and can make future plans accordingly.

cruise-america-rv-rental-perks-one-way-2-(1).jpgThe option of a one-way RV rental can make vacation planning a cinch.

Tips for Preparing for a One-Way RV Trip

  • Find a buddy. Finding a friend to take an RV trip with is two-fold. First, you will have someone with you for safety reasons. Secondly, sharing the joys of the journey with another person makes it all the more fun!
  • Pack lightly. If you’re flying home from wherever you travel to, you will need to pack what you can bring back with you on a plane. Be cognizant of how much stuff you actually need to pack for your one-way RV trip.
  • Choose the right-sized RV. This goes along with packing on the lighter side. Unless you are bringing your whole family aboard, you probably will need a smaller-sized RV for your road trip.
  • Create an itinerary/have maps ready. It’s always a good idea to have a printed map ready for your RV road trip. Sometimes you may be in areas where cell service is spotty and might need to rely on a good old-fashioned map. Plan out your stops in advance to save time on stopping and money on gas.

Popular One-Way RV Rental Travel Itineraries 

Intrigued by the idea of a one-way RV rental, but not sure where to go? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Pacific Coastline: Our most popular one-way rental starting place is San Francisco. From there, people travel the coast in their Northern California RV rental, hitting up epic California surfing beaches for RV camping or heading north to enjoy the wooded scenery of the Pacific Northwest.  
  2. Eastern Seaboard: Pick up your RV rental in Boston, Baltimore, or Buffalo and head towards the Sunshine State. Along the way, enjoy gaming in Atlantic City, New Jersey, or spend the day relaxing on the beautiful beaches in South Carolina.
  3. National Parks: Some of our most popular destinations for RV camping are the national parks. Take in the grandeur of Yosemite, Glacier, and Zion National Parks in one, epic vacation with a one-way RV rental. 

Considering trying out a one-way RV rental? Give us a call so we can check availability in your area: 1.800.671.8042 or visit us online.