Splash Into These 7 Waterfall Camping Sites

Few sights in nature carry the allure and awe-inspiring view of a waterfall. That’s why finding waterfall camping sites can be one of the best ways to jump in and enjoy a shorter hike to the beauty and power that nature has to offer. 

Whether you’re hoping to take striking pictures or maybe even cool off with a mid-hike swim, camping near waterfalls can be the perfect entry into exploring gorgeous natural parks and forests. 

Waterfall Camping Sites

Little compares to the natural beauty and wonder of a misty waterfall. Park your RV at one of these campsites to do some waterfall camping of your own. 

Letchworth State Park 

Letchworth State Park is a large and lush park in upstate New York featuring 66 miles of hiking trails that take you by the water and deep into the gorgeous forests. During your waterfall camping trip, follow the Genesee River as it flows through the gorge and offers magnificent views of upper, middle, and lower falls.  

Water lovers can take to the river for rafting or kayaking, or those hoping to stay dry can take to the skies in a sunset hot air balloon to experience the park however you prefer. Plan your trip in advance to experience all of the wonders this location has to offer.

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Ricketts Glen State Park 

Stretching more than 13,000 acres, Ricketts Glen State Park is a scenic jewel in northeast Pennsylvania. If you want to enjoy camping near waterfalls as well as a gorgeous lake, a Ricketts Glen campsite is the perfect home base for year-round outdoor recreation. Take a hike down the falls trail to see 22 waterfalls, including Ganoga Falls, the tallest at 94 feet. 

Whether it’s the hiking, the hunting, or the lake that draws you in, there is plenty to do and explore in this beautiful park with a waterfall camping trip. 

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Hocking Hills State Park

Hocking Hills State Park is well known for having some of the best hiking in the Midwest. Visit Old Man’s Cave, Cedar Falls, and the Devil’s Bathtub to see the area’s most popular cascading waterfalls and caves. Then, spend the rest of your trip adventuring through the park by biking, boating, or even zip-lining across 10,000 acres of forests. 
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Great Smoky Mountains 

The Great Smoky Mountains are filled with waterfalls large and small. Visit the most popular falls such as Ramsey Cascades or Rainbow falls along well-maintained trails. Enjoy minor falls along many of the park’s trails that just follow the creeks and streams throughout the park. 

Five of the park’s campgrounds allow RV camping, but none of them have hookups for your RV. Generator use is allowed in several of the campgrounds, but you’ll want to come fully prepared with the supplies you’ll need on your trip. 
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Gifford Pinchot National Forest

Get lost in over 1.3 million acres of wilderness in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest of southern Washington state. There are at least eight waterfalls spread throughout the three districts of this giant national forest, including plunging waterfalls over 100 feet tall and wide voluminous waterfalls over 200 feet wide. 

Get up close and personal with a waterfalls campsite at Lower Falls Campground or find a beautiful wooded campsite at any other more than 20 RV campgrounds located within this national forest. 

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Tillamook National Forest

Take in the Coast Range Mountains in Tillamook National Forest. These mountains provide plenty of elevation change to create gushing waterfalls throughout the forest in winter and spring especially. Stick to the trails or find thrills on tough offroad vehicle tracks — no matter how you’re looking to enjoy this serene forest, there is plenty for everyone to do and see. Camping at Tillamook National Forest is primitive and first-come-first-serve

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WildCat Camp

WildCat Camp is one of the best campgrounds with waterfalls that you can visit. The hike or bike to camp is between 5-7 miles depending on which route you take, but the location is worth it. There is only a 2-mile round trip walk along the beach at low tide to get to the famous Alamere Falls, one of few falls that go directly into the Pacific Ocean. Enjoy the open meadow on a bluff overlooking the ocean and fall asleep to the crash of the ocean. 

The hike to these coastal falls is a must-see trip, but you don’t have to do backcountry camping to enjoy it. Though no cars or RVs can access WildCat Camp, park your RV nearby at Samuel P. Taylor State Park to enjoy the area and make a day trip to the falls. 
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Cruise Your Way to These Waterfalls in an RV Rental

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