Discover Michigan

Michigan is a state rich with culture, history, and amazing tourist attractions, making it a perfect place to vacation with an RV rental from Cruise America. With two distinct land masses bordering four of the Great Lakes, Michigan`s expansive terrain proves to be as rewarding and fun as it is beautiful. After renting an RV in Michigan, make sure to take note of the many following attractions the state has to offer.

Esch Beach - Commonly referred to as Otter Creek, Esch beach is located on the shore of Lake Michigan, in the town of Empire. This beach is widely renowned for its stunning beauty. In addition to being exceptionally aesthetically pleasing, Esch Beach is relatively uncrowded, and has notoriously warm waters near the shore, making it a great spot to swim, as well.

Mackinac Island - Mackinac Island is located between the upper and lower peninsulas of Michigan in the waters of Lake Huron. The island has a wide array of things to do, including hiking, horse-drawn carriage rides, and a myriad of historical sights to visit. Of particular note is Fort Mackinac, a historical military base that is a huge tourist attraction for the island.

Pictured Rocks National Seashore - This famous landmark is on the south shore of Lake Superior and gets its name from the pristine beauty of the multicolored rocks that it houses. Pictured Rocks National Seashore is more than just a beautiful shoreline however, as there is a vast forest containing numerous lakes touching the shoreline, making it a popular camping spot and an excellent destination for your rental motorhome.

Detroit Zoo - The Detroit Zoo is an incredible experience, located in one of Michigan`s most historic cities. The Detroit Zoo is a tourism staple in Michigan and features a myriad of animals from all over the world. In the opinion of many, one of the most notable features is the zoo`s polar bear exhibit in the arctic habitat region of the zoo.

Henry Ford - The Henry Ford is an historical museum located just outside of Detroit in the suburb of Dearborn. The museum features both indoor and outdoor components, and contains a wide array of historical exhibits and artifacts. The museum is a large tourist attraction, drawing over a million-and-a-half visitors annually.

Detroit Institute of the Arts - Located in Midtown Detroit, the Detroit Institute of the Arts contains one of the largest art collections in the United States. With billions of dollars worth of art, the Detroit Institute of the Arts is a must see when traveling in an RV in Michigan.

Hiawatha National Forest - Hiawatha National Forest is an expansive national forest on the upper peninsula of Michigan, spanning roughly 900,000 acres. Hiawatha has shorelines on Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, and Lake Huron. Hiawatha`s vast terrain brings unparalleled beauty and several days of great activities. There’s plenty of places in the area to park your Cruise America rental RV.

Keweenaw Peninsula - The Keweenaw Peninsula is historic. It’s located in the north of Michigan`s upper peninsula, jutting out into Lake Superior. The Keweenaw Peninsula is famous for being the site of the first copper boom in America. As far as things to see on the peninsula, there are various lighthouses, historic mining sites, and, perhaps most famously, forests which notably change to magnificent colors when the autumn approaches.

These are just a few of the many great attractions the state of Michigan has to offer. Whether traversing beautiful forests, or visiting historic sites, an RV rental from Cruise America is the best way to travel across the state.

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