Discover Louisiana

With the addition of a Baton Rouge, Louisiana location to Cruise America's nationwide RV rental hubs, exploring the towns and backroads of the Deep South and the Mississippi Delta has never been easier, and in an RV from Cruise America, it's never been more fun.

Louisiana is home to a number of large cities that all boast the unique mix of French, Spanish, American and Caribbean cultures that are commonly known as Cajun or Creole. From New Orleans, at the mouth of the Mississippi to Baton Rouge or west to Lafayette and even up north to Shreveport, there are a huge number of sights to see in the bayous and byways that crisscross this beautiful state. Beginning your journey with Cruise America from Baton Rouge is ideal as the city is centrally located and gives you easy access to all of Louisiana as well as a straight shot to Texas, which is an easy 3 hour drive west.

Outside of its rich cultural heritage, Louisiana has much to offer. Because it's the home of American Cajun culture, it's also the home to the largest selection of Cajun restaurants in the United States. Generally, Cajun food is a hybrid of southern American cuisine and French cooking techniques. If you've always wondered what a traditional authentic Po' boy sandwich is or perhaps what the difference is between gumbo and jambalaya, a road trip through Louisiana is the best education you could ever get. 

Many people plan to visit Louisiana during Mardi Gras which takes place a few weeks before Easter, in late February or early March. Mardi Gras is celebrated all over Louisiana with parades and parties that last until Ash Wednesday. There's something for everybody from the bawdy, adult focussed revelry of the French Quarter in New Orleans to more sedate, family friendly versions in Baton Rouge or Lafayette.

Louisiana also holds plenty to see for sports fans, and there's no better way to attend a New Orleans Saints NFL game than in a Cruise America motorhome. If you are a college football fan, the LSU Tigers play in Baton Rouge and if you can make it to Louisiana for New Year's Day the Sugar Bowl is played in New Orleans at the Superdome.

Begin your exploration of the American south with Cruise America in Louisiana. Renting a motorhome to discover this unique piece of America couldn't be easier. You can research the types and sizes of RVs and even make a reservation here on the site. If renting an RV is new to you and you need more information or assistance, please give us a call and we'll walk you through the process.

An RV rental in Louisiana is a wonderful way to see what all the state as to offer. Additionally, a used RV for sale could be an option worth considering. Explore all of your options with Cruise America!