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When you think of Vancouver, your mind automatically jumps to Canada. Well, that is not the case here. An RV rental in Vancouver, Washington is a bit different than the one in Vancouver, Canada. The city of Vancouver, Washington is filled with green landscape, creating less of a concrete jungle vibe like some of its neighboring cities.

This big city is not one that’s known for a noisy atmosphere. Instead, it has a much quieter environment. With this type of temperament, the feel of the city is much more laid back. Residents often refer to Vancouver as “Black tie optional” because they do their best to maintain a relaxed vibe. With this vibe comes lots of coffee.

Vancouver is known for their vibrant coffee shops, but be careful, the employees in these coffee shops have high expectations and want you to know how to speak their language. Just be sure to know what you want to order or you may end up picking something on a whim without knowing what you even ordered.

Now that you’ve got your caffeine fix, it’s time to check out the Farmers Market. With over 250 vendors, the Vancouver Farmers Market has tons of local produce, nuts, freshly baked goods, handmade jewelry and more. After one trip to this Farmers Market, the others might not hit the spot. You can even get an RV rental in Seattle, WA. 

As mentioned earlier, Vancouver, Wahsington is not the same as Vancouver, Canada. That said, they are less than 6 hours apart when driving in an RV. What better way to check out both the American and Canadian version of Vancoucer? Contact us today and we will help you get your vacation plans started!