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What better way to adventure around California than with an RV rental in Alameda. If you’re looking to explore California, but want to avoid some of the larger, more touristy cities, Alameda is a great place to start.

For starters, Alameda is far enough from San Francisco that you can enjoy the beaches and other major attractions without feeling overwhelmed by those visiting, or living, in San Francisco. On the other hand, you’re still close enough to shoot on over to San Francisco for a day or two of fun.

If you do decide to hop on over to San Francisco, there are lots of attractions to see and check off of the list. For starters, the Golden Gate Bridge. Take your Cruise America RV across the bridge into Sausalito, or hop on a bus tour and let someone else do the driving for you. Regardless, Sausalito is a beautiful little town where several actors, athletes, and famous people call home. Stop for a drink at one of the restaurants overlooking the bay and head back into town.

Once you’re back in town, Pier 39 is a cool spot to peruse around with the family. There is great food, cool stores to shop in, and most importantly, a plethora of seals that take over the pier. The seals are a major tourist attraction, so you’ll want to make sure you carve out plenty of time to see them and work your way through the crowds for a picture or two. Now, if you're looking for more of a beach vibe, an RV rental in San Diego is a much more appropriate option.

All things considered, Alameda, California is a great city with lots to offer. A short drive to San Francisco also earns the city some bonus points, as the fun doesn’t end in Alameda. Get behind the wheel of a Cruise America motorhome and experience an RV rental in California for a vacation unlike any other.