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One of the most well-known cities in California, an RV rental in Oakland could the perfect start to your travels through California. Oakland is one of the most diverse cities in the nation, offering a professional baseball and football team that currently share a stadium.

In addition to professional sports, Oakland is also known for the artistry that consumes the streets. When visiting the city, you are sure to be wowed by the murals and paintings that call the streets of Oakland, home. In fact, Oakland has more artists per capita than any other place in the country. Going hand-in-hand with these artists are museums that can be found all throughout the city.

Another fun fact that most people aren’t aware of, Oakland actually assisted in Walt Disney’s idea of creating Disney World and Disneyland. The creative characteristics of the city, alongside Oakland’s Fairyland. Little fun facts like these are what make an Rv rental in Oakland interesting. Jump in an RV rental in Oakland and take a deep dive into even more of the fun facts about this city.

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