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St. Augustine

Curious as to what the oldest city in the nation looks like? Look no further! An RV rental in St. Augustine is the perfect way to dive right into the history of the Nation’s oldest city.

St. Augustine, Florida was founded in 1565 by the Spanish conquistador, Pedro Menendez. To this day, the Castillo de San Marcos fort still stands as the oldest structure in the city. The fort was used to protect the Spanish from outsiders, such as the British, who invaded St. Augustine in 1702. While visiting, the fort is one thing you do not want to miss.

Another neat attraction is the Fountain of Youth, which was made famous by explorer Ponce de Leon. It is said that is you drink from the Fountain of Youth, you will remain eternally young. From there, sightseeing options are endless. Go see the lighthouse, the beaches, or even the historic downtown area. For those history buffs, St. Augustine is a dream come true.

Depending on the time of year that you decide to visit, there are many cool events going on. One of the most popular is the “Night of Lights.” Each year, as the holidays approach, almost 2 million lights are hung up and turned, lighting up the city in a spectacular fashion. There is also a boat parade along the bayfront. Each contestant places Christmas lights and decorations on their boat and drives by the crowd for a night full of cheers.

Although the history is endless in St. Augustine, you can still pop up north for an RV rental in Jacksonville, down  for an RV rental in Miami, or really anywhere you’d like to go. Just don’t forget to cross a few things off of your list before departing from beautiful little St. Augustine. IF you'd rather head to the middle of the state, an RV rental in Orlando is a wonderful starting point.